New Release: Sprint E19

Here’s a list of the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

  • Google Classroom Framework Improvements
    • Ability to auto-map students and teachers
    • General bug fixes
  • Gradebook Improvements
    • Relabel configuration elements
    • Bug fix when admin access is removed from teachers
    • Bug fix for Submit Grades
    • Bug fix for alternating colors
  • Mobile API Support for Homework and Attendance Notifications
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes / Improvements
    • Option to show running GPA in Parent Portal (Beta)
    • Bug Fixes and Improvements for WYSIWYG Editor (Beta)
    • Bug fix on Posting Homework to Subject
    • Center the Period Name in Simplified Scheduling
    • Show Subject Abbreviation in Dropdown for Subject-Based Report Cards
    • Remove Save Button for Online Forms Tab for Student
    • Fix Status for Parent Portal Invite
    • Fix support for Pre-Enrolled Students in Messaging module
    • Fix to enable paid messaging when credit is purchased for new accounts

This Sprint has mainly been focusing on bug fixes and minor improvements. The WYSIWYG Editor in the E-Mail Messaging module has been improved greatly since the last Sprint. And the Google Classroom app is also developing nicely. In the upcoming Sprint E20, we are working on several more substantial improvements related to the Attendance module. Stay tuned for those.

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