Report for Subject Catalog

We’ve just enabled a new report in QuickSchools that allows you to see all current subjects for the active semester:

“Subject Catalog / Course Offering” Summary Report

Existing Summary Reports take into account whether a student is enrolled into the subject. In this report, all subjects will be displayed regardless of whether students are enrolled.

Sample “Subject Catalog / Course Offering” Summary Report

Subjects will be sorted by their Grade Level. NOTE: If you find that the grade levels are not sorted the way you want then, be sure to Configure your Grade Levels from the Students Listing:

Administrators can “Configure” Grade Levels from the “Students” listing

All you need to do is assign an appropriate Order Number for each Grade Level, and the report (as well as all related screens) will order the Grade Levels by the assigned Order Number:

Assign “Order Numbers” to sort Grade Levels

Hope that helps!

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