New Principals for Long-Time Subscribers

If you are a new principal or administrator starting off at a school that has been with QuickSchools for a while you will want to check this out.

Learning how to navigate a Student Information System (SIS) that is already up and running may seem like a laborious task but no worries, we are here to help! Below are some tips on how to get yourself acquainted with QuickSchools and our different features.

Accessing QuickSchools for the First Time

In order to access QuickSchools an existing user with admin access will need to invite you to use the system and assign you to the “School Admin” role. Once you are invited you will receive an email with login instructions

Having School Admin access will give you full control of your schools QuickSchools account. School admin will have access to the subscription information and account information for your school. Some other things that only admin can do are:

Accessing Modules in QuickSchools

We like to keep screens clean so that you only see things that you need to use. When you first log in you will see some modules automatically based on access. As mentioned above as school admin you have the ability to configure Configure User Access

For modules that you do not see you can give yourself access to by going to Settings > Turn Features On/Off and then click “Configure” to view additional settings. 

What makes us different

One of the key aspects of QuickSchools is our awesome support, and our constant drive to always improve. We encourage all users, especially school admins, to chat in with us, and to share feedback on how things are going, or how you’d like to improve how you and your school uses QuickSchools on a day-to-day basis. We welcome your thoughts.

To learn more about us click here!  we also offer free 30 min demos where we walk you through the system and answer any questions you may have, please chat in to schedule one!


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