New Release: Sprint D13

Sprint D13 was released earlier today. Here’s a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

  • Report Creator
  • Attendance (see below)
    • Option to display Nickname (similar to Gradebook)
  • Getting Started page for Trial Schools
    • Setting Up Academic Terms (see below)
  • Cancellation Survey
  • General Bug Fixes:
    • Archiving Lunchroom App
    • Admissions – Activating a new Semester
    • Private Messaging
  • Custom Usernames (Private Beta)
  • OdysseyWare Integration Improvements (Private Beta)
  • Migration Tool for new Transcripts module (Private Beta)
  • Upcoming Apps
    • Supplemental Attendance
    • Community Service

We have several improvements for our Standards-Based Gradebook (SBG) that were originally included into this Sprint, but has been delayed. We’ll hopefully have these improvements released in the coming days:

  • SBG tab on student record
  • Multiple Master Level Grading Scales
  • Multiple Master Levels

UPDATE: SBG Improvements for D13 have been released!

Getting Started page for Trial Schools

For schools that sign up for a new QuickSchools trial, we’ve introduced a new step called “Setup academic terms”:

Getting Started with Semesters for Trial Accounts
Getting Started with Semesters for Trial Accounts

With this step in place, new trial schools can review the ability to create and edit academic terms. Clicking on the link will take the user to the “New Semester Setup” > “View All Semesters” screen.


New Semester Setup

If you don’t have this screen enabled, be sure to check out this article:

Nickname on Attendance Roster

When configuring your Attendance module (as an admin), there is now an option to configure your Attendance Roster:

Configure Attendance Roster with Nicknames
Configure Attendance Roster with Nicknames

Here’s an example of what your attendance roster can look like with the feature configured:

Attendance Roster with Nicknames
Attendance Roster with Nicknames

We’ll be posting more info on these new features in the coming days. Please feel free to chat in with suggestions of your own. 

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