Activating a Semester

In QuickSchools, academic terms are self-contained, meaning that when you edit/create subjects and enrollments in one semester, it does not effect other semesters within your account. We previously discussed how to create new gradebooks for the new semester in a separate article. To make this function more seamless, you can now activate empty semesters directly from the main “View All Semesters” menu, and the system will ask whether you’d like to copy subjects from the previous semester.

Here’s what the screen will look like if you try to activate an empty semester that currently does not contain any subjects:

Activating an Empty Semester
Activating an Empty Semester

Just click on “Yes, copy subjects”, and the system will automatically re-create subjects that you had setup in the previous semester. If you’d like to manually recreate the subjects for the new semester, then you can simply select “No, just activate empty semester”.

Here’s what the screen will look like if you attempt to activate an empty semester in a future academic year:

Activating New Academic Year
Activating New Academic Year

Again, simply click on the appropriate action. The main difference here, is that you will most likely want to promote your students to the next grade level (in additional to copying the subjects). So if you do select, “Yes, copy subjects”, you will be shown an additional message:

Promote Students
Promote Students

After clicking on “OK”, you will be taken to the “Create Year & Semester” screen, where you will be asked to map/control how your students are promoted. You can read more about this feature in the article about creating new academic terms and new gradebooks.

We hope this improvement will work well for all our customers. Please, come chat with us if you have any feedback. We hope to make many more improvements over the coming months.

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