Fee Tracking Reports for Allocations

We recently introduced a new report that shows Payment Allocations (which incidentally has been renamed per screenshot below). We’ve created a similar report in QuickSchools that shows how Charges/Invoices have been allocated. Again, searching for the word “Allocations” in the Reports module, which should yield the following results:

Fees Tracking Allocations Report
Fees Tracking Allocations Report

If you find these reports useful, don’t forget to Star them as your favorites. Additionally, we’ve also added 2 new options filter by in the “Fee Tracking Transactions” Report:

New Filter in "Fees Tracking Transactions" report to identify Paid and Unpaid Charges/Invoices
New Filter in “Fees Tracking Transactions” report to identify Paid and Unpaid Charges/Invoices

This will allow you to identify which charges/invoices have been fully paid, and which have not, although it does not actually tell you the amount that has not been paid. We’ll continue to work on providing additional reports that will show you the unallocated amounts for receipts and invoices.

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