The Carden Arbor View School Report Cards

One of our new schools, the Carden Arbor View School in Upland, California requested a custom private template that was very detailed and succinct. It is setup for trimesters, shows attendance, has subjects separated into columns, and commented listed below. In addition, there’s space for special academic designation, such as Headmaster’s List or Honor Roll, special custom grading scales, and it all fits on one page.

Here’s a sample of how this fabulous report card template looks  –

Carden Arbor View School Report Card Template

What an awesome report card ! Kudos to CAVS for their fantastic design and dedication to all the details of the report card, and to Rick, our chat support agent who built the report card for QuickSchools.

The CAVS template comes equipped all sorts of different useful fields that can be switched on, edited and customized. These include….

  • Custom Header tables (for special grading scales or other information)
  • Custom Footer sections
  • Expanded attendance section
  • Additional Attendance information
  • Hideable Work Ethic grade next to subject Letter Grade

If the Carden Arbor View School Template looks good to you, please feel free to chat in and request it for your school account. We would be thrilled to enable it for you, as well as help set up all the different customizable fields. It’s a super flexible report card – feel free to give it a try!

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  1. […] Carden Arbor View School Template – this private template shows a work ethic grade alongside academic grades. While it supports letter grades, it is currently configured only to show marks. Also, at the specifications of the original design, the Subject-Based screen does not show a line for comments as those are only entered directly onto the Report Card. […]

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