Upcoming feature: Teacher Pages

Our next feature that’s coming up real soon is Teacher Pages. Through Teacher Pages, teachers can connect with their classes for each subject that they teach. Teachers will be able to create and share rich content e.g. post a message and introduce a topic to the class, share links to material available on the Internet like a TED Talk video, a wikipedia article or a video from the Khan Academy, etc.

Students (and maybe parents too) of the class will then be able to connect through their respective portals and share their thoughts as well. Hopefully, the Teacher Pages feature will encourage discussions and exchange of ideas that ultimately enhances the classroom learning experience.

We are very excited about this new feature and we’ll share more details once the feature’s released.

UPDATED May 3, 2013:

The Teacher Pages module had been released, but it has been renamed to “Class Discussions”. We will be posting it on our blog in the next few days. You can turn it on via the “Features” page. Let us know what you think about it.

UPDATED May 6, 2013:

Online Class Discussions now LIVE!


3 thoughts on “Upcoming feature: Teacher Pages

  1. Sounds like a great feature! I hope it’ll be available soon (I’ve seen the menu voice is already available) and teachers will have the chance to upload files (pdf, ppt) as well on their course page.

  2. Thanks Danilo. Go ahead and try putting something up for discussion on your Teacher’s Page. Share that with the class and see what happens. We hope this will be an interesting platform to have rich class discussions. 🙂

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