Guest post: Vote Franklin Burns for QuickSchools Teacher of the Year 2012!

Elizabeth Fry shares her story on how Franklin Burns helped her daughter to read better. Frank – you rock! is a fully-online school management system.

I have a daughter that has ADHD and she has always struggle with school especially with reading.  I was taking my daughter to a tutoring company and I saw very little progress.  The company would give her worksheets and then they would check on her during the allotted time. I wanted something different that would help my daughter read with more accuracy and fluency.  In addition, my daughter was receiving tutoring in the morning at school and she was still receiving very low grades on her report card on reading and language arts.  I heard on my son’s football team there was a coach that had his own tutoring company.  I did not know Frank had his own tutoring services and we talked after practice one evening.  We sat down and discuss the issues of my daughter’s reading and after speaking with Frank I felt confident that he could get my daughter on level.  I observed the first five tutoring sessions and I was very impressed with his teaching methods.  My daughter started to slowly learning phonics, dissecting words, and reading with fluency.  My daughter was beginning to gain confidence in reading.  One day at the grocery store and riding in the car my daughter was reading all the signs.  I was so happy that my daughter was using her reading skills outside of school.  During the summer sessions my daughter skipped soccer practice to attend her tutoring sessions with Frank.  Once the school year began the teachers could see a difference in my daughters reading ability.  She has won a reward for most improve reader and most improved writer this year.  Her self-esteem has improved greatly in academics.  Currently, my daughter is receiving B’s in reading and language arts and this has never happen in the previous school years.  I am very thankful for the hard work that Frank does in every tutoring session.  I believe he should be teacher of the year because of his hard work and dedication towards his students.


Elizabeth Fry

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