Guest post: Vote Franklin Burns for QuickSchools Teacher of the Year 2012!

Tania Hall shares her story of how Mr. Burns helped her daughter flourish at Saint Tower Academy. QuickSchools is a fully-online school management system.

From Tania

I cannot thank Mr. Burns and the staff at Saint Tower Academy enough.  I have a daughter that is extremely smart and gifted but she is visually impaired and has been diagnosed with ADHD.

Our daughter started the year in public school but she was constantly being called names and harassed by her classmates. She would come home every day crying and frustrated. My husband and I had to respond immediately because her self-esteem was being torn down.  

One day we saw an advertisement in a newspaper for a private school for students with special needs.  My daughter and I went and visited the open house and my daughter instantly fell in love with the school.  She was able to relate to Mr. Burns and his staff.  We enrolled our daughter and she started after the Christmas break. The husband and I could see a difference in our daughter in the first week.  She was coming home with smiles on her face and she was going to school with a smile on her face. I knew the school’s unorthodox approach to education was the perfect place for my daughter. Mr. Burns relates to the students extremely well.  

He likes to teach to the student’s interest and creates an education plan that is fun, interactive, and addresses the needs of the student. My daughter has never read the Harry Potter series but Mr. Burns was teaching the Harry Potter series at his school. How many public schools teachers are teaching the writing patterns of J.K Rowling, reading a 750 page book, looking for 10 different vocabulary words per reading section, creating power points for each section, creating the worksheets, and the tests from his lap top?  Mr. Burns believes the teachers understand the student’s strengths better than a workbook. This is reason for creating everything from scratch. My daughter currently has A’s in all her classes and this because Mr. Burns teaches at the student strengths rather than teaching one learning method.    

I believe Mr. Burns deserves teach of the year because of his hard work, dedication, and creating a school from nothing.

Tania Hall

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