Guest post: Vote Franklin Burns for QuickSchools Teacher of the Year 2012!

What a beautiful story shared by Thomas Fry on how Frank helped his daughter to read. Amazing! QuickSchools is a fully-online school management system.

My name is Thomas Fry and I would like to nominate Franklin Burns for teacher of the year.  I have a daughter that is different and before I met Frank she was struggling with reading, spelling, and writing.  My wife and I have tried several different tutoring companies and we did not see any progress.  I felt as if we were throwing money out the window.  I was an active parent for the Cyfair little league football team.  I was speaking with Imre Szenttornyay and told me about Frank and his different teaching methods that he uses to improve reading.  He told me that he taught his son to read even though most doctors told him his son would never read.  I know my daughter is very rough around the edges but I want my daughter to succeed. I worked in the shop that was near Frank’s tutoring office and I would drop her off and I would go to work.  The first thing I noticed was her confidence in reading was improving.  I saw her reading signs and attempting to read books at home. As the school year moved forward Frank’s office moved into his school and I would wait in the other room.  I could hear my daughter having fun and learning to read at the same time.  I was filled with happiness to see my daughter improve so fast.  Frank tends to make everything with his hands and his imagination.  He needed a projector screen and I had an extra one sitting in the garage.  I was more than willing to donate the item to his school.  The school year has moved on and my daughter has passed the STARR test and has earned several awards for most improved reader and writer.  I believe Frank should be teacher of the year because he is able to make learning fun and adaptable outside the school environment.

Thomas Fry

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