Guest post: Vote Franklin Burns for QuickSchools Teacher of the Year 2012!

Read Jon Hall’s account on how Franklin Burns helped his daughter. QuickSchools is a fully-online school management system.

I’m a father that loves his daughter dearly and is willing to do anything to see her smile.  I wanted her to succeed this is the reason my wife and I pulled her out of public school.  The public school system works for eighty percent of the students but leaves behind the other twenty percent.  My daughter was one of the students in the twenty percent.  She was very smart but was struggling because the public school system could not meet her needs.  We have an epidemic of bullies in the public school system and my child has special needs.  This left her open to being picked on and made fun of in middle school.   The teachers at her middle school did not protect my daughter from the bullies and this hurt her self-esteem.  I’m sure any father can feel their heart break when they see their daughter crying.  The family decided to look for a private school that could meet her needs.  The problem is most of the special needs schools are located in Houston and not around our neighborhood.  We saw an advertisement in a small newspaper for a private needs school called Saint Tower Academy.  I still remember meeting Franklin Burns for the first time and discussing the different ways he could accommodate my daughter learning differences.  I could feel the stress leave my chest as I shook his hand goodbye.  My daughter started at Saint Tower Academy after the Christmas break.  The whole family could see a difference in one day.  My daughter was excited about going to school and learning again.  I have seen several private special needs schools around the Houston area but none of the schools have Mr. Burns.  He has a way with the students that other teacher do not possess.  One of the parents at the school call him the “Child Whisper” because he can change the way a student feels about themselves and education.  He is able to motivate them to learn like no other teacher that I have seen.  From a father perspective, Franklin L. Burns should be teacher of the year for all the hard work that he done in the community and the lives he is changing every day.

Jon Hall

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