Vote Ramona Porter for QuickSchools Teacher of the Year 2012!

Help Ramona Porter win the inaugural QuickSchools Teacher of the Year award. To all teachers out there, we salute you! is a fully-online school management system.

Ramona Porter is a Rockstar Teacher!

Ms Porter is adored by her students at Lakeside Christian Academy. This nomination came from a parent at the school who shared with us that Ms Porter is a truly wonderful teacher!

We then asked Ms Porter a few questions…

How did you get into teaching?

As a child I did not have a positive school experience until third grade. My third grade teacher was wonderful. She inspired me to become a teacher.  One of the goals that I set for myself when I became a teacher was to make school a fun and lovable environment for all the children that I would teach.

What do you hope for your students?

My hope for all of my students is to instill in them a love for learning. Each child is special and unique in their own way and I want them to know that they are special. Learning isn’t just something you do at school or the classroom but something you do for the rest of your life.

Anything you’d like to share with us? e.g. favorite moments, etc.

I have taught at a small Christian school for about 20 years. I have had the pleasure to watch children read their first words and write their own name. Each success came with struggles and a few tears as things didn’t always come easily. I want all my students to realize that they are unique and special in my eyes as well as God’s. As they grow things may come easily but some things will be a struggle but stay positive and work hard and you can achieve all your dreams!!!

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49 thoughts on “Vote Ramona Porter for QuickSchools Teacher of the Year 2012!

  1. Ramona is an amazing teacher who puts her student’s needs first. She is extremely dedicated to enhancing their young lives. We are extremely lucky to have her!

  2. Ms. Ramona is the best! She is wonderful with the children, as well as the parents! Her classroom is always a fun, friendly, loving environment. Gets my vote for sure!!

  3. Ramona has always loved to teach children. Even as a child she was teaching older kids how to tie their shoes.she has always been kind hearted.she enjoys her students and they love her.

  4. It’s been a joy & a blessing for our child to be in Mrs. Porters class…wonderful teacher!!!

  5. Ms Ramona was my kindergarten teacher, I’m now a freshman in college and still remember things we did in her class! Love love love her!

  6. Romona has stressed high morals and good character to each of her students. She’s a real treasure to our Christian school system.

  7. My grandaughter was fortunate enough to have been in “Miss” Romona’s class and we were all so pleased at how loving she was to all her students and how much she taught them. She is truly a great teacher.

  8. My son is in Mrs. Ramona’s kindergarten class. He has special needs, and she has never failed to full fill them. She has even integrated his situation into class a few times. He really loves her, and I feel she has made his kindergarten experience one that he will always hold dear. Thanks Mrs. Ramona!

  9. Mrs. Ramona made my son’s first year of school such a delight! She truly treated him as something special and unique. She strived to help him reach his full potential according to his individual aptitude. She is a wonderful teacher!

  10. Mrs. Ramona has taught Ryan so much this year! I can’t believe he is already reading, doing math and writing cursive. I didn’t do most of those things until second grade! She truly cares and is wonderful!

  11. Mrs. Ramona is definitely deserving of teacher of the year. She is very patient and kind with all her students. She has made our kindergarten experience excellent. Emma loves her!

  12. I’m sure she’s an inspiration to all of her students, she definitely is worthy of teacher of the year!

  13. We are truly blessed to have Mrs. Ramona as our son’s teacher. She has enriched his education, and ultimately his kindergarten experience! She embraces each child’s needs as if they were her own. She attentively listens to the questions and concerns of the parents, and adds her own personal touch to her teaching.
    Rock on Mrs. Ramona !!! You deserve this:) Hayden really enjoys you!

  14. Ms. Ramona has been instrumental with her teaching style to all of her students. She clearly demonstrates ethics in her classroom and it reflects in our own son’s attitude and behavior. Its been a privilege to have her teaching our son!

  15. Please take a few minutes to vote for Mrs. Ramona as teacher of the year. She is Callen’s Kindergarten teacher, and she has been amazing! Words cannot describe what she means to him and to me. Callen sometimes needs a little extra attention and has had some hurdles to cross due to his vision, developmental delays, and ADHD. Mrs. Ramona never views Callen as being limited in what he can do, but pushes him to go above and beyond what anyone would have expected, teaching him there is no limits. He has learned that he can do anything he sets his mind to. We owe all thanks and appreciation to her and Mrs. Kim. Thank you Mrs. Ramona for loving my boy and taking such good care of him!!!

  16. Mrs. Ramona is a great teacher. Caroline loves her so much. She really encouraged Caroline at school in her reading but alsi in her love of music and art! I have seen her do this for so many children. My daughter was lucky to have her!

  17. MS. Ramona is so loved by my grandson and our family. My grandson keeps her in his nightly prayers. Ms Ramona, keep up the great work. Thank you for being so patient and caring with my grandson during this school year.

  18. My daughter had Ms. Ramona and she LOVED her kindergarten year!!! My child even learned so many things that year. She was in a small class and she and her aide gave the class their undivided attention and with all the amazing things they learned it really showed. It is important for kids to love school from the get go and she is an asset to our school. Wish I had teachers like her when I was in school!!!!

  19. Ramona is a wonderful person! She’s so sweet! Although I’ve never had her as a teacher, I have seen her around kids and she is great with them! Love ya Ramona!

  20. Good Luck Ramona!!! 20 plus years were helping me out in Algebra class and I’m sure that you are a great teacher now as you were a classmate then.

  21. Mrs.Ramona taught my little girl and she is in third grade now and she has to stop and give Mrs. Ramona a hug. Mrs. Ramona is not only a great teacher like all the other teachers at Lakeside but she is a wonderful person.

  22. We heard about this amazing Kindergarten teacher at a local private school which was the catalyst for us to enroll and she met and exceeded our expectations. Ramona has enriched not only our son’s lives, but ours as well. An awesome teacher!

  23. Ms. Ramona is a wonderful teacher. Our daughter absolutely loves her. She always treats the children with kindness and respect. She leaves a lasting impression on her students. We continually see kids running back to her to hug her years after they have left her class.

  24. Ms. Ramona is an energetic, kind teacher….all her present and former students love her. She treats every child the same, they are all special to her.

  25. Ms. Ramona is an excellent teacher!!!! My son absolutely loves her!!! She is very involved in all her children!! And definitely has patience!!!

  26. Ramona is a wonderful teacher and LCA is lucky to have her. She has made a difference in so many lives and she is very deserving of this honor.

  27. Ramona is a WONDERFUL teacher. My son is about to graduate from the 8th Grade. Mrs. Ramona was his very first teacher in — Kindergarten. She makes the kids feel special–good about themselves. We are blessed to have her teaching at LCA.

  28. What a wonderful, supportive, encouraging, loving teacher who taught both my kids so much! We wanted to take her with us each new grade when my kids moved up! Kay Lewis

  29. We have two kids and they both had Mrs.Ramona and they absolutely loved her and still do. She is such an amazing teacher and does a really great job.

  30. Mrs. Ramona is a great kindergarten teacher. I know my son thinks so! I know that she will share her iPad3 with me when she wins 🙂

  31. I teach second grade at Lakeside Christian Academy. I have also taught first grade,so i know how important kindergarten is. With out getting a firm foundation in the basic academic subjects, getting through first and second grade is very difficult when using the A- Beka curriculum.
    When they get to me, I know that they have gotten what they need to succeed. Thanks Romona,

  32. Mrs. Ramona is wonderful with children. She is a bubbly, smiling, wonderful, and positive role model.

  33. Ramona is an awesome teacher who cares about each child that enters into her classroom! She makes each student feel special and that they can accomplish anything they set their minds too!

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