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Chris Johnson is a Rockstar Teacher!

Mr Johnson teaches high school History, English, Bible,  PE and K-12 Chapel. Here’s a beautiful profile crafted by the Cornerstone team.

Mr. J., as the students call him, is indeed a teacher, a remarkable one at that, but it goes far beyond that. Chris Johnson founded the school in 1983. He has worn many hats since that day, and continues to wear them today. As well as the subjects mentioned, he also is the Principal, Counselor, Soccer Coach, Business Manager and Man for any maintenance in the century and a half old building. After 29 years he still arrives early and is the last to turn out the lights at night. When the average tenure for private school teachers and administrators is 3 years, he has been on the job since day one and never taken a sick day.

Whether it is the kindergartners who wait daily at his door for him to arrive after calling buses, just to engage him in play, or the high school students who want him on their basketball team, they all respect, admire and love him. He is a disciplinarian, but so approachable as well when they need him.

Salary certainly is not the motivating factor for Mr. Johnson, who could have easily made much,much more in a different setting. This is not a job to him, but an extention of his faith. He wants to give the students a safe place to grow in their academic and spiritual life. His philosophy is to teach the students how to learn, rather than from the textbooks alone. This will open up a world of opportunities for them in the future. He has seen multiple success stories in the students over the 29 years and now it their kids as well, as they enter CCA.

Words from some of the parents at CCA…

Mr. J is more than a teacher, he is a life coach.

He is a great moral example for the kids.

He is the teacher who also mows the lawn so the school doesn’t have to pay a landscaper.

Whether it be for a fund raiser, school project, or school work day, he is there before, during and the last to leave. Saturdays you will often find him and his family painting, cleaning, or catching up on his Administrative duties.

He can be stopped to answer questions, and takes suggestions so well. He sets an example that we, the parents ,want to achieve. That’s just it, it’s living by example and not having to always say what someone should do.

As Mr. Johnson soon will begin his 30th anniversary year, the CCA family would love to see Mr. J receiver the recognition he never asks for but has been long overdue in coming.

Thank you for your consideration of such a worthy candidate.

A few words from Mr Johnson himself.. 🙂

How did you get into teaching?

I was always involved in sports as a student and wanted to become a physical education teacher to help others enjoy sports. I didn’t enjoy some of the teachers I had as they only catered to the athletes. I wanted to teach in a way that kept winning in perspective and the joy of participation as most important. After receiving my B.S. Degree and teacher certification I ended up working at a church, leading their education department for ages 2 – college. After a few years, the we began to discuss the possiblity of opening a K-12 Christian school. That was 29 years ago, and the school has continued since. I could use more time to work at the administration end but the joy of teaching cannot be replaced.

What do you hope for your students?

I hope that each student will gain a clear, Christian world view that informs their actions in all they do. We want them to have a top level college prepratory education but gaining knowledge, without the integrity that can only come from one committed to God, will be wasted in selfish pursuits. I hope they become leaders in their chosen careers without compartmentalizing their faith. I hope their lives are filled with peace, joy and love. I also hope they will pass that love on to others. My hope for them is that they exemplify the love of Christ without hypocrisy.

Anything you’d like to share with us?

Teaching has many ups and downs. There are times that teachers see very little fruit in the lives of their students. If we don’t give up, we will have the joy of seeing our students as adults and knowing that we had some part in molding those lives. I am also a pastor so I have had the honor and Joy of performing weddings for a number of our graduates. That is an extra blessing. One of the most memorable moments I have experienced came at a graduation ceremony. The parents of a student who came to us in high school had watched in horror as their child got involved with the wrong crowd, with substance abuse and other poor choices. The student was with us for 3 years. At that ceremony the parents simply said, “Thank you for giving us our child back.” A few years later that student married another of our graduates and I performed the ceremony. Cant’ beat those experiences. It makes the struggles well worth it. Persevere.

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113 thoughts on “Vote Chris Johnson for QuickSchools Teacher of the Year 2012!

  1. Mr. J is an extraordinary man, teacher and friend who has given and given up much to serve the students and families of CCA through the years. He is a gifted educator and administrator, and he could have done many other things with his talents, but has chosen (and has been called) to something higher. Anyone who has been connected to the school can attest to this fact. We are all thankful for him, and he is more than deserving of this honor. And, by the way, he can terrify someone with a dodge-ball with ease!


  2. Mr. J is an extraordinary teacher and man. I have known him since I was four and learned many lessons from him throughout my life from him. He is amazing!! Thank you for being such a kind and loving individual.

  3. I was in 7th grade when the school started and I was second in my graduating class in 1989! Mr. Johnson is a blessing to all who know him! He was not only our Principal, Teacher, Gym/Soccer Coach, but also a friend and Godly example. I hope he is blessed with this honor! I also hope he knows what a great blessing he is!

  4. Perhaps I have a slight bias, but I think Mr. J is the most awesome combined History, English, Bible, PE, Chapel teacher, administrator,coach, counselor, head of maintenance and husband I know!

  5. I started attending Golden Heights in 2nd grade and graduated top of my class in 1997…i consider myself truly blessed to have shared so many years learning from him…he is an example of what a Godly man (and his wife a Godly woman!) should be. He was an inspiration through some difficult times and is still here for me many years later! God Bless Immensely Mr J!!!!!!

  6. As a parent I appreciate all that Mr. Johnson does for his students, including my three boys. He’s a blessing to them, to me, and the entire school.

  7. Mr. J was an excellent teacher. I am a graduate of CCA from 2009 and when I look back I can truly appreciate this do-it-all kind of guy. Mr. J not only acts as a good teacher in social studies, english, Bible, etc etc… but he also acts as principle, janitor as necessary, general maintenance, personal counselor and still more beyond that.

  8. Mr. J is boss… he can convey life lessons through his actions, teaching, and life. Also – great guy to have political debates with 🙂

  9. I have never met a more dedicated person in my life!!!! He is an amazing princpal, and teacher. There is no doubt of his love for the Lord and his students, one cant help but be in awe of his tremendous dedication to all that is Cornerstone Christian Academy.He is truly a blessing to many families and an example to so many more.

  10. Mr. J has done a wonderful job running Cornerstone Christian Academu. He taught both of my children, and they are now doing excellent work in college.

  11. Chris has been a good friend for many years, and a voice of reason. I enjoyed learning more about his career on this page, and hope that all will come to know him for the good man he is.

  12. Mr Johnson is an amazing person i can’t possibly begin to put it into words. But since he gets more votes if i do, i’ll try.
    I remember him being my gym teacher and me being afraid to run down this really steep hill on the back trails of where Golden Heights was (now the community center). He held my hand and just kept saying you can do it, you can do it. even as i type this i’m tearing up. he so deserves this recognition even though i doubt he believes that he does. I remember several times his quiet voice encouraging me for simple things. the occasional times when discipline was necessary he was gentle and kind even in that.
    Mr Johnson, i love you so much, you have always been an inspiration to me. May God bless and keep you

  13. Mr.J was a soft place to fall during hard times. He was an excellent teacher (and everything else) and is second to none in all jobs he does…his dedication is obvious to all. I even asked him to officiate my wedding and he said yes and did an amazing job with that, too!!

  14. I graduated from CCA in 2007 as Salutatorian, and i can honestly say that i miss being in high school thanks to Mr. J. But more than that, he has influenced my life more than most anyone else i can think of, and i believe that influence has made me a better person.

  15. Mr Johnson is a true example of everything you could want in a teacher, mentor, and spiritual leader. I am so thankful that my daughter had the benefit of attending Golden Heights (now Cornerstone) for six years! God bless and richly reward you, Mr. J !!

  16. Oh my goodness, I am not about to say what year I graduated because i just thought anout it & felt so old! But i was fortunate enough to have mr. J as my high school principal, when Cornerstone was called Golden Heights, up on the hill! Mr. J was so much more than just a principal. He taught not only academics but life application and solid biblical principles. As busy as this man always was with his many roles he fulfilled, he always made time for his students – rather it be a quick pep talk or to pray with them or any more serious matters. You always knew Mr. J genuinely cared & made you feel that you can accomplish anything! After all I can always say I graduated 3rd in my class 😉 yes I was in that graduating class of 1991! …. Mr. Johnson, congrats on the nomination – its been a long time coming! Blessings to you and your family.

    • Oops, I should have check my punctuation & run on sentences before posting! ☺

  17. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to write in a little paragraph how much Mr. J. has positively impacted my life and the lives of all his students. I can only dream of being the great teacher that he is.

  18. Christopher is my second cousin, so perhaps I am biased, also. However, he has always impressed me as being such a clean-cut man who adores God, his family and his school. He is a very dedicated person to these three subjects in his life. I’m very proud to have him in our family and so happy to hear he has been nominated for this honor.

  19. I was blessed to have Mr.j as a teacher. Now that I am a teacher myself, I can appreciate even more the countless hours and sacrifices mr. J has put forth. Mr. J wears a million hats each day, but does an amazing job at every role he has in his students lives. Mr. J is my inspiration!

  20. Mr. Johnson is an incredible man of God. When we homeschooled our children, we were also involved with CCA. He always made us feel like we were a part of the CCA family. The Lord has incredibly blessed he and Joan. To GOD be the GLORY! 🙂

  21. I remember Mr. Johnson so fondly from my days at Golden Heights Christian School! It was tough to move away and I’ve definitely never had such an amazing and caring principal and teacher. Good luck Mr. Johnson!

  22. Mr J. is who he is. He is a man of amazing integrity and sets an amazing example of not only what a Christian man should be, but what a man should be in general. His sacrifice for the students is not for any award, but comes from a genuine love and care for them. I was privileged to have known him for my entire life, and have his as a teacher/ principal/ soccer coach/ P.E. teacher/…. I could go on and on, and I wouldn’t trade the lessons he taught, the wisdom he gave, and the examples he set for anything. So with that said. Thank you Mr J. for everything.

  23. Mr. J. is truly the greatest example of what a human being should be I have ever met. As a student under his supervision (sometimes severely under his supervision) from kindergarten through graduation, I have never witnessed anyone go through some incredibly difficult times with more grace and integrity. There were times where I can say with near certainty that his influence, guidance and example kept me from doing things that would have landed me in very dangerous places. Mr. J. is not just a teacher/principal/gardener/bus driver/soccer coach/gym coach/maintenance man/etc. I do not think it is too much to say that for some of us, he was a much needed father-figure as well. Thanks Mr. J., the only thing that will keep you from getting this award is the size of the school, certainly not the size of your contribution!

  24. Mr. Johnson is most deserving of Best Teacher award. He is so dedicated and loving in everything he does for his students. I am so grateful for the school and for Mr. J. and his wife Joan and the commitment of all the staff. The six years attending Cornerstone Christian Academy has given my two boys a strong foundation that has kept them close to the Lord and helped them to become hard working men with a commitment to the Christ.
    Thank-you Mr. J.

  25. The article says it so well…and in an age where people are “padding” their resumes to look more experienced and important than they really are, all I can say is the article just touches the surface of this man’s depth and integrity. The school literally exists because of his commitment to lead it faithfully and without wavering in his belief that God has called him to this. The faculty of the school, who is just as dedicated, follow his lead and it makes for an awesome educational experience. All four of my children graduated from CCA and have gone on to achieve many things. Mr. J taught them discipline and the love of learning.
    He truly is deserving of this award (and he probably won’t like all of this attention!)

  26. Mr. Johnson is truly deserving of this award! He has completely dedicated his life to not the education and coaching of our children, but also being a example to them. Mr. J is concerned not just with the mind and body of the student, but also the feeding of their soul. He is an amazing teacher who the students look up to. Even after they graduate, they ask “what would Mr. J do?”. He has a very positive life long impact on his students. Our children are truly BLESSED to have had him as a teacher and coach!

  27. When Chris started out so many years ago to found a new Christian school in Brockport(how do you do that anyway?) he immediately assumed the roles of teacher, principal, maintenance man, groundskeeper, coach, counselor, friend, and so many more. He’s still doing ALL of that 29 years later! Now that’s commitment…that’s dedication to his students! He’s also been a great brother…

  28. I have known Chris for a number of years now. He truly is a commited man – to his Lord and Savior and to his school. He is not one of those “leaders” who sits on the sidelines…he is out front…leading, encouraging and inspiring. He’s the real deal.

  29. Mr. Johnson is the type of role model/teacher that anyone would want their kids to spend time with!! He has his priorities straight and is a blessing to everyone around him!

  30. I’ve been participating in Cornerstone’s One Stop Christmas Shop for several years and have always been impressed by the way Chris Johnson enacts with parents, students, alumni and staff.

  31. Mr. J is one of the most influential men in my life. He definitely gets a mention in my autobiography 🙂 Also, anyone who plays basketball with him should know that you don’t challenge him when he’s charging for the net. He’ll run you over, he’s brutal (also, he cheats) 😛 Just Kidding! Thanks so much for being such an awesome teacher, Mr. J!
    Mr. J For President in 2012!!!!

  32. Mr. J was my teacher throughout my high school years. He is awesome at what he does and am so thankful to have received such a great education from such a great role model while attending school at CCA!

  33. Mr. J. was by far the best teacher I had, even though he made us run up the hill after gym class. 🙂

  34. Mr. J is a fantastic teacher/uncle and man of God. He is a blessing to the people around him and the students he serves. The amount of work he pours into educating generation after generation of kids is commendable.

  35. I can’t think about my childhood and teen years without thinking about Mr. J (and Mrs. J!). That’s how integral he was to my formative years — for me, not only was he all the titles already shared, but I can add Sunday school teacher to that list! Now that I am teaching as well, I have even more respect for all he does to make CCA what it is. He is truly an example of selfless dedication. And hey, my husband and I first met at CCA (when it was GHCA), so without Mr. J’s vision for the school, who knows how different my life would be now! 🙂

  36. This is my first year at Cornerstone and i already can tell that Mr. j always tries his best to run a steady Christian boat at the school. he’s very wise and fair. I give him my full support. GO MR J!!!

  37. Mr. J (Chris) is not only a teacher/principal but a man of integrity. Having him mentor and literally help raise our two children into the young adults they are has been a privilege. He not only taught our children in school but we had the honor of having Chris participate in the marriage ceremony of our son this past October. I’d say…much more than a teacher.

  38. Mr johnson is an extraordinary man.I can’t think of a better person to entrust my most previous gifts to.thank you for your dedication and your passion for Gods plan for our children.

  39. Mr Johnson and his staff has taught all 3 of my girls since kindergarten and we are so blessed because of him and CCA. He has a great sense of humor and true integrity!

  40. Mr. Johnson is man of great character, a great teacher and example for my two daughters to see! We love him and his dedication to Christian education in our town.

    • So true! I have been so thankful to have this Christian school (including high school) persevere. Definitely a great education.

  41. My daughter hasn’t even STARTED at CCA yet & I can already tell what an understanding, dedicated an generous man Mr. Johnson is. I will be a “first time” Kindergarten Mom in 9/12 and I have felt led by the Lord to enroll her at CCA from day one. Unfortunately, I found myself in a very difficult situation this year and was wondering if this really was God’s plan and how on earth it would be possible to enroll her at CCA for kindergarten. I prayed fervently for guidance and Mr. Johnson was the answer to my prayers. He listened thoughtfully and patiently, thoroughly addressed all of my questions, and guided me through the enrollment process. He was so kind and genuine. I cannot wait to become a part of the CCA family in September.
    Very Sincerely Yours,

  42. Chris Johnson has impacted our family in so many ways–3 children educated by him, influenced by his life–they live successful lives now, love the Lord, and having Mr. J. and his school helped tremendously. We now have 2 wonderful daughter-in-laws who came out of the school, (Mr. J. performed those wedding ceremonies) and our daughter has her dream job– Mr. J. is her boss. It all started over twenty years ago–we felt then that this was a godly man that we could trust with our children’s lives, and he’s always proved to be that. And he does it all with such good humor!

  43. What I have always appreciated about Chris is that he cares for all the students. They don’t have to be athletes or great scholars for him to take notice of them and care about them. Even though our older son was not studious, was not athletic and was not even all that well behaved, Chris continually showed him love. Even when he became rebellious and was acting out, Chris didn’t label him, single him out as “bad” or treat him any differently. On the contrary, he went out of his way to adjust for him and show him he cared. Even when we pulled him out of CCA to try to deal with his behavior, Chris still prayed for him and asked about him. Both our sons benefitted from being around Chris and seeing his behavior and integrity.

    Thank you Chris for all you have done for our family.

    Laurie Boyd

  44. Mr. J is inspiring in that he always thinks before he speaks or acts. He’s very aware of himself and surroundings and I’ve never seen him say or do anything that could be a bad example to those around him. He needs to run for president! 🙂

  45. Mr. J is a Godly example, a very Jimmy Stewart/George Bailey-like man, always working hard behind the scenes and getting little recognition. He truly lives “a wonderful life.”

  46. My son attended CCA for two years while in high school. Chris was a wonderful example of what a godly man should be. He is a tremendous teacher, principal, and friend. CCA is fortunate to have him!

  47. Chris is one of the most passionate and compassionate person I know. I, as his little sister, have learned so much fromhim that it would probably take the rest of my life to list it all. Anne

  48. Mr. Johnson is a wonderfully dedicated educator who serves his community with humility and kindness. His leadership and his wife’s leadership have impacted countless lives over their many years of service. I am pleased to call them my friends!

  49. I have known Chris Johnson all HIS life. Yes, another slightly biased comment. I’m his older sister.I have tremendous admiration for the fact that he responded to what God was calling him to do 29 years ago and has persevered in such a challenging field.I know him to be an authentic man of faith, eager soccer, basketball and whatever other sport player, a very smart guy, really fun-loving and funny guy and a wise and compassionate counselor. I have read some of the comments from his former students and am not surprised that they hold him in such high regard as a teacher and role model.It brings tears to my eyes, literally, to think of the legacy he has in the fruit of his long faithful service.

  50. Mr. J is an awesome man of God. He is not only a teacher and coach, but he is an example of Christ, and a mentor and I can’t think of anyone who deserves this award more than he done.

  51. Mr. J has been one of the most influential people in my life. He always challenged and encouraged students to do their best while showing them what it means to be a person full of integrity, dedication, and love. I wouldn’t be who I am today without him. Thanks Mr. J. 🙂

  52. A wonderful teacher and great influence on the kids. My daughter still talks him and the influence he had on her as a child, When your adult children can still talk about a past teacher and he effected their life that says a lot. Thank you Mr. Johnson

  53. What can’t he do? Yes, he even slopped beans on a plate for our first ever chicken bbq!

  54. Chris is an amazing person. He’s intelligent, caring, funny, and a really great role model as a husband, uncle, friend, mentor, teacher and last but not least as a Christian.

  55. I am so grateful for his humble faithful leadership. Our family there is a school like Cornerstone to send our daughter to.

  56. I am really blessed to have had Mr. J. as a teacher. He is such a good example of hard work and integrity. If I was living in Rochester I would definitely want my kids attending his school. The lessons he taught me I will never forget. Class of 1995!

  57. Mr. Johnson is such a blessing to our whole family. We are so glad that our daughter goes to CCA and has such a great role model.

  58. Chris Johnson not only is a great leader to all who come in contavt with him not matter what the situation. Chris has a great deal of insight into truth in helping others. He was a great blessing to myself and my family when I needed it most. His insight in the situation was amazing when others could not se truth at all. I thank you Chris for being the person you are and for caring in a way that others could not. Love to both you and Joan ( an equally lovely person and example). Carol J. Barber

  59. Chris Johnson is the educational equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. He can, and does, just about everything!! Nothing wrong with having him hear “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” on THIS side of heaven!!!!

  60. I have known Mr. Johnson my whole life. I was blessed to be taught by him not only in School, but in Sunday School as a small child. Mr. J is an even tempered level headed person. It’s evident that he lives his life emulating the Word of God. I appreciate all the hard work and sacrifice that he and Mrs. Johnson have made and continue to make, to impact the lives of so many young people. I know that he has put aside his own wants and needs, to keep the school going. Without that sacrifice I know the school would have ceased to exist, many years ago. Thank You Mr. & Mrs. Johnson for being such dedicated servants!!
    -Matt Nicosia
    Class of 1995

  61. Mr. J is a wonderful role model for our children. Two of my children have attended Cornerstone. He goes above and beyond for all the children there. He is truly a remarkable person. He is truly dedicated to Cornerstone. Thanks for being you…

  62. Mr J has been and continues to be an inspiration to this community of Brockport. Thank you for all you do for our children.

  63. While our family has only just begun the K-12 journey, I can say without hesitation that Mr. Johnson is most deserving of this award. His ability to articulate his educational philosophy and Christian worldview gave us confidence in choosing CCA. Seeing him live out these principles day-to-day confirms our decision.

    Good leaders, like Mr. J, surround themselves with good people, and he has recruited and retained a group of teachers who are second to none. As mentioned in another comment, teaching careers at Christian schools tend to be short-lived. It speaks volumes of his character and ability that such talented folks would choose to serve alongside him at CCA.

    We’re grateful for his dedication to maintaining an environment that gives no place to compromise – neither with academics, nor with Christian doctrine. Thank you, Mr. J!

  64. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are truly awesome! As a parent of 2 children who attended CCA, I saw first hand that all that has been said is absolutely true.

  65. We feel blessed to have such a strong, Godly leader for our son. Thank you, Mr. Johnson, for all your dedication.

  66. Mr. J is an inspiriation to everyone who knows him. I am very lucky to be counted a student of his.

  67. We want to express our sincere thanks to Mr. J and all he does. Thank you!!! He definitely deserves teacher of the year!!

  68. You can tell that Mr. Johnson is dedicated to the kids and he is determined to give them a good Christian education. Our daughter just started at CCA but we are so thankful we found it and that Mr. Johnson is there serving the Lord in so many different ways. God has given him a gift and He is using it well. He definitely deserves this award:)

  69. Chris is a great teacher. He had the patience to teach me to ride a bike and how to be a better soccer player, but most of all, how to be a better person.

  70. Chris Johnson is an exceptional teacher and mentor. he gives his 100% dedication to the students. thank you for all you do you deserve to be teacher of the year.

  71. Mr. J definitely deserves this award! You can truly see his passion. I see too many teachers these days who have no passion for what they do, talk down about their students, and have an overall negative attitude. It’s refreshing to remember that not all teachers have that same mentality, regardless of the number of years they’ve been teaching…Mr. J proves that. He was firm when he needed to be but also knew how to keeps things fun! I’m sure one of everyone’s fondest memories are getting to play dodge ball with him (or against him :))!

  72. Mr. J not only listens to students, but he listens to parents also. Whenever I had a concern, he was always open and willing to do whatever he could to resolve it. He truly has a gifted ministry as a teacher and counselor.

  73. As a student of his and now an alumni from the school, I can definitely advocate for Chris (AKA Mr. J). I’m proud to vote for Mr. J for this award. He is definitely the most dedicated and hardworking of all the teachers I know.

  74. Mr. J was and is the teacher who motivated me through hard times and good. He was an inspiration to not only me but my class mates as well and I am proud to say that I was taught by him. His in depth knowledge on so many subjects is quite astounding. I was sad when I graduated from his school not only because of my friends and the atmosphere I was leaving but also his awesome teaching that I would no longer be listening to. His commitment and attitude towards not only his students but the school in general shows his character and for that I deeply respect him.

  75. Chris Johnson is an inspiration and an example of all that we hope our children will emulate someday. With a genuine balance of love and authority, this man has given his whole life to our children. He and his wife have both given selflessly in an environment that is meant to encourage our children to strive for excellence while maintaining their personal testimonies and relationship with God.I am so thankful for him and I can’t say enough about Cornerstone!

  76. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Chris for several years; ever since my children started attending CCA. Our pastor, after reviewing several schools ad interviewing the principals, found CCA to be the best one suited for our children, and I couldn’t agree more. Chris and his wife and staff have been exceptional and more than accommodating on everything within their power. Each staff member has a passion for teaching and genuinely cares about the students success. This staff was hand-picked by Chris, who continues to oversee the school on every level. The principal, teacher, counselor, boss, maintenance man, friend. He performs all these jobs to the best of his ability, and with what seems to be a perfect balance of sternness and compassion with a genuine desire to help others. God has a purpose for Chris, and it seems quite obvious that teaching and operating this school is it… since I couldn’t imagine a single man more passionately filling these shoes and wearing these hats than Chris does. Furthermore, he does this all with his welcoming personality, unwavering positive attitude and a kind heart. You can frequently see Chris performing hard work to support CCA with a smile on his face. Keep it up! The world needs more of you!

  77. Chris and Joan,

    Words can never say enough for all the appreciation I have for you, and for all those years of service and dedication to Cornerstone Christian Academy. Kyrin and Holly have such a firm foundation as to be able to withstand the world and its onslaughts; they would not have received that training in a public school. Thank you for enduring and persevering.
    May God continue to bless you and keep you.
    Laura Emerson

  78. The Lord led us to CCA, and when we met Mr. Johnson, we knew why! This man is a grace filled educator who is definitely not “just there for the paycheck.” Our son is receiving an invaluable, Christ-centered education at Cornerstone Christian Academy. We have peace of mind that not only is the school scholastically excellent, but it is also doctrinally sound. There are many wonderful people who give from their hearts every day at CCA, but Mr. Johnson and his wife are the heart and soul of the school. Mr. Johnson is truly dedicated to Jesus, and to the students God has placed in his care. He serves the Lord seriously, with humor frequently bubbling to the surface. We have been blessed by Jesus through Mr. Johnson (thank you, sir). We just wish we had known about Cornerstone when we were sending the other three, older children to school.

  79. I am so inspired reading these incredible comments. Chris, you are already a winner.

  80. I have known Mr. Johnson since 1980! He started as my sunday school teacher and I eventually started teaching sunday school under him. I attended Golden Heights Christian School from 1984 thru 1987, although I moved away in the middle of my senior year I have always thought of GHCS as “my” high school. Mr. Johnson even allowed me to participate in the graduation service where he re-presented me with my public school diploma.
    I have always loved and greatly respected Chris & his wife Joan and NO ONE diserves this honor more than they do. Not only are they ageless (lol) they are both truely wonderful people and I am blessed and honored to have known then.

  81. I have known Mr. Chris Johnson since the 1970’s. I have served with him on occasion during Sunday school when my daughter was very young (she is 33 now), I have seen his dedication to the success of children by creating a learning environment conducive to the pursuit of excellence.that would stay with them though out their young lives. He lives the Great Commission for all the children who come under his care. I believe they are greatly impacted by the love he lives out in his genuine care for them. I consider it a great privilege to recommend Mr. Johnson for the Quickschools Teacher of the Year Award 2012. Thank you and God bless you.
    Thomas E. Downes

  82. If I could vote 100 times I would, Mr J is one of the finest Teacher/Principal/Administrator/Coach/Counselor/Friend I know. A true man of Interity… If you were to look up the definition of a true Christian, his name would be listed next to it. All my children are products of his amazing School… We love you Mr. J..

  83. We have known Chris Johnson for over 30 years. All five of our children attended Cornerstone Christian Academy (formerly Golden Heights Christian School). We made the decision to home school our children for a number of years but when each one reached high school we had them finish their education at Cornerstone. There are many qualities that Mr. J possesses that make him a tremendous example to the students of the school. Those qualities have been spelled out in other posts and I wholeheartedly agree with what has been said previously. One thing that is especially important to me is to see someone who gets on the path that they believe that God has called them to and does not deviate from that path. Mr. J has led this school for over 25 years. (Forgive me for not knowing the exact number of years, but I know that our 31 year old daughter started Kindergarten at Golden Heights back in 1985.) I don’t know if the students that pass through the school necessarily realize when they’re young what a testimony it is to be faithful to a calling for so many years. But at some point they will realize that and it will add to their appreciation for the role model that God has given them in Mr. Johnson.

  84. Mr. Johnson is following his calling from God and has not waivered from it over all these years, even though it’s not always been the easy thing to do. Just the other day, a co-worker asked my opinion of Cornerstone, as she is considering sending her child there. I said that I can only say absolutely positive things about the school and Mr. Johnson. When you have someone whose interest is the best interest of others (students & familys) leading the school, under the complete guidance of God, you cannot go wrong.

  85. As a former educator, i can affirm Chris’s commitment to students, education and CCA! As so many have eloquently said; Chris Johnson is a true man of God and servant ! He truly is deserving of this honor and all the wonderful comments!

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