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Franklin Burns is a Rockstar Teacher!

Here’s what Cindy, a colleague of Mr Burns at Saint Tower Academy had to say about him. Truly amazing!

Franklin L. Burns is an exceptional teacher and person. He opened up his own school in 2007 to aid the community and those families in need. He did not even take a paycheck the first 12 months because he believed in the cause and saw the vision of the school. He is dubbed the “child whisperer” by his peers because he can take a child that every other person has had difficulty disciplining and educating and make that child thrive in all academia. He holds seminars regarding child behavior and positive discipline in the community. He has undoubtedly the most positive attitude and has done many hours of community service. He deserves Quickschools Teacher of the Year Award.

Mr Burns – you rock!

We then asked Mr Burns a few questions…

How did you get into teaching?

When I was in high school, I was in a special education class for my behavior. I was a very smart child but the typical teacher was not able to help me reach my potential. Due to the circumstances, this lead to a lot of frustration and very low grades in high school. Once I was placed in the special education classroom I had a teacher named Mrs. Cross that saw the potential in me. She was able to help me improve my grades and my behavior. I always wanted to pay this forward to other students and instill her passion that she gave me for education into students with special needs. I finished my degree through University of Houston Downtown and went through the alternative certification process to become a teacher in special education. After my second year of teaching, I wanted to improve my teaching skills and went back to college to obtain a master’s degree in special education. When I received my master’s degree in special education, I opened a school for students with special needs. The goal of the school is to give the students with special needs the educational experiences that they would not receive in the self-contained classroom. I have learned a lot since opening the school such as leadership skills, chemistry, astronomy, biology, and the hardships of opening a school. I have truly enjoyed working with all the students and parents at the school.

What do you hope for your students?

The educational goal for my students is for them to no longer have the intellectual disability label. Many of the students have intelligence quotient (IQ) below 70 and I would like the students to become more educationally intelligent. I would love to see my students improve in all subject areas but especially in reading. I believe reading is the most important subject and teaching the students to have reading as recreation is an important skill for learning. Another goal for my students is for them to become contributors to the community and society.

Anything you’d like to share with us? e.g. favorite moments, etc.

I have five dogs, four cats, two goats, two ducks, one amazon parrot, and one horse. I have a tutoring and a health and beauty business that helps fund the school. I am currently being tutored by the founder of Morning Glory Ranch, a hippo-therapy facility for students with autism. I’m also in the process on working on my second master’s degree in Board Certified & Behavior Analyst (BCBA). My wife is the preschool programs for children’s with disabilities (PPCD) curriculum coach for a large school district near Houston Texas. During my free time I like to ride my bicycle, weight lift, and read books.

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284 thoughts on “Vote Franklin Burns for QuickSchools Teacher of the Year 2012!

  1. Frank Burns is an awesome teacher to has helped my daughter gain confidence in her reading ability. He never gives up on her and keeps pushing her to do her best!

    • Three years ago Mr. Burns was almost teacher of the year at school. I believe he will win this year.

  2. Frank Burns is the MAN!! He deserves teacher of the year because he shows compassion in his work, he has patience for children , when others do not. Even though his school may not be making much money Frank still has the vision, and does not give up!! YOU ROCK FRANK!!

  3. I have know Frank for over 10 years and his passion for teaching has grown so much and so far. I support him 110%!! He knows how to teach and knows how to motivate students to want to learn and want to be successful in school. Vote for Frankie B!! 😀

  4. Frank is a very special person it takes a special to be a teacher. You are that person.

  5. Franklin has devoted his life to helping special education students. He has worked long
    hours in an effort to make other people lives richer and more fulfilling.

    • He has devoted a lot of time to my brother. He has really changed his life.

    • I used to work with Mr. Burns after school and we would create the funniest activities for the students.

  6. Frankie is an awesome individual, I have known him all of my life and He deserves this award because it takes an awesome person to devote his life and free time to teaching these special children and their special needs! VOTE FRANKIE!!!

  7. Frank is the child whisperer indeed who is most passionate about what he does for a life mission – not a living, mind you, but for a true cause in helping all of Cy-Fair’s children with special needs. Vote for Frank!

  8. Frankie is an amazing teacher! He truly has the heart and passion when working with special needs. I vote for Frankie, how about you?!

  9. Frank is a dedicated teacher who develops great rapport with special needs students. He is able to meet the individual needs of each student with skill, compassion and enthusiasm.

  10. Frank is such a blessing to all kids, but especially special needs kids! His patience, kindness and positive attitude should be an inspiration to ALL teachers!! VOTE for FRANK!!!!!

  11. Frank you have a natural way with the kids. Best of luck you deserve teacher of the year!
    The Dennison’s

  12. Frank you are the very best teacher I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with. Thank you for your dedication and perserverance .

  13. I’ve known Frank for a very long time and he’s always been good with people and concerned about their well being. He’s a great guy. He’s a hard worker.

  14. Went to high school with Frank, good to know some of the class is doing positive things. Good luck and wish you the best.

  15. My niece (Kylie) is currently being tutored by Frank and I’m so thrilled at the confidence she has gained in reading. THANK YOU!!

    • He has taught my brother to read. Three years ago he didn’t know his alphabet but today he is on a 2nd garde level. I’m so happy to see the improvment in my little brother 🙂

  16. “Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure…than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat” – Theodore Roosevelt

    This statement captures the essence of Franklin Burns, a man with the vision, passion and talent to start his own school dedicated to the betterment of special needs students. Drawing from his own personal experiences, Frank was able to create an environment where children with special needs could receive the individual attention they need in which to achieve their maximum potential. This was not accomplished without an extreme measure of self-sacrifice as is generally required when a bold vision is set in motion. Frank’s tireless dedication to the betterment of others is worthy not only of nomination, but of securing the title of “Teacher of the Year.” The spirit of the entrepreneur, as well as the relentless drive of Roosevelt, resides within the mind and heart of Franklin Burns.

  17. I have known Franklin Burns for a very long time and I consider him like a big brother even though we haven’t kept in touch. When Frank lived in Nebraska he was always involved in my life as well as my families. Frank took my nephew, who has reading problems, under his wing. If he wouldn’t have done that I’m afraid that Brandon would’ve been hurt or in jail. Frank is very deserving of this award because he is a very wonderful/amazing teacher and person!!!! I can only imagine how many lives he has touched! Good luck Frank!

  18. Mr. Burns sounds like an amazing person and teacher. I was a special education teacher for 6 years, so I know that it takes desire to make a difference to last in the position! Way to go, Mr. Burns. Keep up the wonderful work you’re doing for those kids!

  19. A couple of years ago my child and one of your current students (pictured above) were in the same class at another school. The student was such a sweet and capable young man. Warms my heart to know he is in your nurturing-academic care. Bonne Chance on your nomination for Teacher of the Year at Saint Tower Academy.

  20. How could you not vote for him?!?! 🙂 ABSOLUTELY INSPIRING and DEFINITELY Teacher of the year 2012!!! <3

  21. Mr. Burns is one of the hardest working teachers that I have ever met. He comes into work early and leaves late everyday. He has the patience and the out of the box thinking to educate students with disabilities. He truly deserves teacher of the year.

  22. Mr. Burns is an excellent teacher, but for Mr. Burns to travel out of state (1000 miles) to still continue to educated our child, just goes to show how special he is. He has not only impacted my son’s life, but our entire family.

  23. Great Job Frank! Sounds like what you are doing for these kids is truly amazing! Keep up the great work!

  24. Franklin L. Burns is a wonderful teacher. He has been able to teach my brother academics that no teacher has been able to.

  25. Mr. Burns puts so much preparation into his classes. He gets to work early and stays late everyday. He is so dedicated to his profession

  26. I have worked with Mr. Burns for many years. He was an advocate for the parents and for the students. I believe he should be teacher of the year.

  27. I do not know Mr. Burns, however, reading this story is very gives me hope for other teachers out there!! Thank you for your service to “our” children!!

  28. I don’t personally know Mr. Burns but I do know his wife. If he teaches anything like she did he has my vote!

  29. That’s really cool that you have been nominated for Teacher of the Year. I think you deserve it. Frankie, your the Man!!

  30. Teachers like you are very rare and ur class is very lucky to have you! I haven’t seen my 9th grade teacher in 20 years and next month her and family are flyn down to visit. She is one of a kind and I too am greatfull, lucky to have been her student. So keep up the good work because teachers also play an important roll in our future and how we look at life.

    • Thank you for the support. Please tell all your facebooks friends to support me for teacher of the year.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I believe it is time for special education teachers to be recognized for all their hard work.

  31. I have never met you but I have read up on you. I run “The Aspergers & ASD Child – From the testing and beyond” on Facebook. I recieved your post and I am here giving my support. You are doing an amazing thing with your life and you should be very proud of yourself. I applaude everything you do for the children with special needs. It takes a very special person to be able to do this. I hope you win because you definately deserve it!

    For everyone else reading this. Please check out my page. This is a great spot for support with ASD’ers and children with Aspergers. We offer guidence through the testing phase, activities, ideas, and group support. I am available on the page 24/7 to answer anything you need. I am a Psychologist with and Aspie daughter, and an ASD nephew. I have been working with ASD children for 15 years. Thank you!

  32. what a wonderful person, the great work you have done should be rewarded x

    Parents in Control ( PIC)

    • Thank you for the nice comments and supporting me for teacher of the year.

    • Thank you Peyton. It is truly amazing that you sent this message 🙂

  33. As a Mom of a Special Needs kid and the founder of a support group for the parents of special needs kids, I can tell you that teachers like Mr. Burns are the key to helping our children learn and grow. Thank you Mr. Burns for being so important in the lives of SNKs!

  34. Mr. Burns is the example of what is lacking in the education system across the country. If every school had at least one teacher like him, our children’s futures would be brighter. I hope Mr. Burns’ example can be more far-reaching and hope many more will follow in his steps.

  35. Mr. Burns you sound like a wonderful man and extraordinary teacher. The special needs community is very blessed to have you. I love that you are helping each child reach their God-Given potential through what appears to be very loving leadership. May your endeavors be filled with endless blessings, love and laughter.

    • Thank you for the wonder nice comments. I will always try my best to reach out and teach a variety of learners.

    • Thank you Karne for the nice comments. Please keep posting ans supporting Saint Tower Academy.

  36. Franklin L. Burns is a wonderful individual that really cares for his students.

  37. Great Job at the youth fishing camp on Saturday. You really helped out the kids learned a lot about casting a fishing rod. Keep helping out the community.

    • It was hot but fun. I hope we are able to implement something similar at the school.

  38. I was a young 9 year old boy when Mr. Burns saw me cursing down in Hickman park. He was able to calm down and he became my big brother that day.

    • Thank you Brandon for the nice comments. I hope your able to tell your story.

  39. Anyone that does all that deserves my vote…..I wish you the best of luck!

  40. Great Job Frankie. I hope you win teacher of the year. You have change the lives of so many people.

  41. I WILL be doing all 4! I’ve never met Franklin Burns but my eyes water and throat chokes when I read about him. THANK YOU F.B.! We appreciate you!! xo @joaniplenty

    • Please help me out as much as possible. Its going to be close race and every point counts.

  42. As a mother of a special needs child it makes my heart overflow when I hear about teachers like you! It takes a special person to give of themselves for one goal, the success of their students! Not for monetary gain or status but for the god given love of teaching! My heart goes out to you for all you do, those kids are so lucky to have you! Keep up the superb work and hears to you! I hope you win you so deserve it!!

  43. Congradulations on starting up such a wonderful program. I support this and your Mr. Burns 1000%

  44. Mona Gayle Timko
    I had the pleasure of mentoring Frank for a short period of time.
    Having been a teacher myself for 50 Years, I was extremely impressed with his dedication, skills, and unusual approach with these special children.
    We need more teacher like Frank.

    • Thank you for the mentoring process last year. It really helped the school 🙂

    • Thank you for the nice comments. I believe my dedication will be the difference for teacher of the year.

  45. What a deserving Teacher of the Year 2012. So inspirational and a great asset to his community!

    • Thank you for the nice comments. I believe the school is an asset to the community. THank you for your support 🙂

  46. Having worked with special needs children for over 20 years, it is beyond amazing to see the work, dedication, sacrifice, and heart Frank has put in to be able to touch the lives of such special people. Many people dream up these great ideas, but to act on it, and make it happen, is heart-warming. It is a job that NEVER stops and is all for service to others! Proud of you Frank and definitely hope you win this award that you OVERWHELMINGLY deserve!

    • That is a lot of years of experience. Please share any advice or tricks of the trade. 🙂

  47. You seem like a phenomenal teacher! You deserve so much more praise & recognition than this nomination provides. Good luck & keep up the good work!

  48. Mr. Burns, You are such an incredible person!! I don’t know you but I am so incredibly proud of you. It is such a heartwarming thing to know that there are people like you out in the world to help children in need. My oldest son had a wonderful First grade teacher who noticed that he was struggling and had him tested for a processing disorder. He, in fact, did have one and she tutored him to keep him from being held back that year. Because of the efforts of this wonderful teacher, he went on to be extremely successful in school and then later graduated 4th in his high school class and is now premed. Because of teachers like YOU, Mr. Burns, our children find their spark and go on to glow brightly in the world!! Thank you so much for all you do!!!!!! 🙂

  49. Mr. Burns, I am very impress for what you are doing for these students. You are a fantastic teacher. Bravo!

  50. I have known Frankie for being dedicated and passionate in teaching. His heart is always with these children and I salute him for that! 🙂

  51. I have known Frank since high school we met in special ed, and became friends. Frank has always been kind, energetic, and tried to help others better themselves. I believe that he deserves the teacher of the year award because I know that he always wants the best for his students. He wants to see them prosper and achieve their goals, and is willing to help in anyway possible!

    ~ Marty

  52. I wish this school was accessible where I live. I always thought it made sense that someone who has “been there and done that” should teach similar kids, b/c they could relate better and be understood. Keep up the good work 🙂

  53. Frankie is one of the most generous and kind hearted men I know. I am so proud to know him.

  54. I have had the privilege of getting to know Franklin “Frankie” Burns outside the capacity of teaching and I can say without doubt or reservation that his heart, mind, and effort are in sync with what he believes. It is easy to look at a situation or problem and say someone should do something, too often that is all that happens. When a person invests the time to develop a solution and exhausts the energy to bring the plan to fruition, especially from an unselfish vantage, THAT deserves not only our acknowledgment and praise but our support as well.

  55. I have known Frank since 2007 and he’s an amazing educator and mentor. I first met him in the public schools as a Special Education Teacher for K-5. We have stayed in touch and in fact he showed the Saint Tower campus and shared its’ vision with me just over a year ago. I am thrilled that his abilities as a teacher and mentor are creating a life-long journey not only for himself, but for his students and the community as well. Way to go Frank and I am so excited for you and your ‘family’ !
    Diane Wiener

    • Thank you Diana for the nice comments. I still remember the first day I met you. Nothing like working in a life skills and being beaten by all the students. Thank you for the support.

  56. My daughter likes school again, thanks to Mr. Burns! She might even earn straight A’s in her first semester there!

    • I don’t just give out good grades. She has to earn them. I’m extremely happy with the improvement of your daughter this school year.

  57. Mr. Burns is my daughter tutor and he is a great teacher. He deserves teacher of the year,

    • Thank you for the opportunity of tutoring your daughter. It has been fun to see the improvement.

  58. SO I dont know how to vote for you? I got your comment on my page. And I read some stuff about you ad i’ll vote. But where If I vote I gotta do this quick I am working all the time so its not easy for me to get back on facebook all the time. Message me on facebook with the how to info! And ill vote as soon as I can! Best of luck, you sounds like a stand up guy, whos very kind an genuine to the kids he teaches! More special education teachers should be like this! Some are but not enough are like you! So keep up all the good work. Remember message me on my FB page Its supports the spread the word to end the word campaign by special olympics. Which is a campaign to stop the USE of the R-WORD (Retarded) which should be treated as a racial, gender orientation slur or insult! Its never okay to say that to anyone, and never okay to say that to someone who has intellectual disabilities! So while your on my page like it and pass my page on to people thanks! 🙂

    • I would like to thank the individual that posted on your wall. You have voted by leaving a comment. Thank you for your support 🙂


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    If ya dont wanna check my links out thanks for at least reading if you like the links or one of em PASS IT ON to someone else to spread the word on these TWO IMPORTANT CAUSES

    ******(I VOTED FOR YOU FRANKLIN BURNS BY LEAVING NOW 2 COMMENTS & POSTING YOUR STORY TO FACEBOOK on my page as well as TWITTER!!********* So best of luck you deserve it from what im hearing in comments and what I read! Hope you WIN!


  60. Franklin Burns is an amazing teacher and really knows how to reach his students. Mr Burns works through the students strengths and interests and paces the students at their level and gives them the chance to succeed in all subject areas. Mr Burns truely deserves, Teacher of the Year! Good luck Mr Burns, it’s been great working with you and you have my continued support.

    • The goal is to educate the students to their best ability. I believe we can reach their full potential by creating an education plan that is geared towards their learning style and interests.

  61. I cannot say enough about Mr. Burns, when the public school system was failing to provide the appropriate atmosphere and tools required to make my special child successful I had no choice but to look for alternatives. It was truly a God send to find Mr. Burns and his school. My daughter now enjoys school to the point of excitement. The gift of learning that Mr. Burns and staff provides to all the children is beyond the expectations of anyone with a special child. I truly believe his background makes the best educator in this field.

    • I truly enjoy teaching your daughter everyday. She came to the school without any confidence but now she is taking off like a rocket. Thank you for the love and support that you and your wife have shown this school year.

    • Thank you for the love and support. I believe winning teacher of the year will help the school. Thank you again for the love ans support.

  62. Frank,
    I was informed you are up for teacher of the year! You deserve it 🙂 You know those kids better than they know themselves it seems!

    • I believe the school deserves the win. I believe the win will help the students and the school.

  63. I’m so excited that Mr. Burns is flying from Texas to tutor my son in Tennessee for 17 days. This show true dedication and love for my son.

  64. I wish all the best for you Franklin..sad that yoiu are so far away from my Island Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean)
    All the best and sunny regards from my small Island

    Riding Academy Club

  65. I have read all the teacher of the years nomination posts and they are all worthy of being teachers of the year. There is a distinct difference between Mr. Burns and the other 8 teachers. He is the only teacher that works with students with special needs and he is the only teacher that has created a school. If we want to discuss the impact in the community,, city, and state of developing a school and teaching Mr. Burns is the winner of this competition. Currently, he is creating three different satellite campuses in the next year. He will be able to reach more individuals throughout the United States than the other teachers nominated. This all done with him teaching, developing the school, and tutoring students in the community, I believe Mr. Burns should win teacher of the year.

  66. If you’ve had the pleasure of being in Franklin Burns classroom, you’d understand how dedicated he is to students. He teaches without restrictions, which is definitely thinking outside the box. Frankie, you deserve TEACHER OF THE AWARD & recognition of your countless hours you’ve dedicated, simply because YOU BELIEVE in each and every one of them.

  67. If you’ve had the pleasure of being in Franklin Burns classroom, you’d understand how dedicated he is to students. He teaches without restrictions, which is definitely thinking outside the box. Frankie, you deserve TEACHER OF THE AWARD & recognition of your countless hours you’ve dedicated, simply because YOU BELIEVE in each and every one of them.

    Best of Luck BFF!!!

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