HTML5 is Baking in the Oven!

The shift from Flash to HTML5 is actually a huge undertaking. We’re basically rewriting the entire QuickSchools front-end interface. Not only that, we’re also releasing some new features like support for Spanish. If you’re interested in trying out an early beta edition of the new upgrade, let us know. Your feedback will help us improve the software before we release it to everyone else. We’re particularly interested in the following types of people:

  • Users who’d like to access QuickSchools via the iPhone / iPad (and other mobile devices).
  • Users who know Spanish, and would like to try out the Spanish version.
  • Users outside the US who have a less-than-stellar internet connection speed.
  • Users who are curious about the HTML5 upgrade in general.

We’ll keep you updated of the upcoming release. When the HTML5 upgrade is released, users will still have the option of using the older Flash version as-is. But keep in mind that we’ll eventually phase out the Flash version in favour of the more feature-rich HTML5.


One thought on “HTML5 is Baking in the Oven!

  1. Great, this is what I am waiting for, Quickschool can win many others markets when it will add possibility of many other markets, although the flash version is very powerful,
    good luck 🙂

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