Announcing Release of Scheduling Module Beta Version

Completing school schedules manually is both tedious and time-consuming. Ever since we started, many of you have requested that we develop a scheduling module to alleviate the burden of creating your school schedules. We listened to those requests and are happy to introduce the new scheduling module in the Athena plan which is currently in its beta version.

The scheduling module is an exciting addition to that simplifies the scheduling process by allowing you to create electronic schedules with ease and publish them for teachers, students, and parents to view. Let’s preview a few scheduling module benefits to help you learn more about how this product can benefit you and your school:

Simplified Schedule Creation

Your scheduling process can now be simplified with this easy to use electronic process. Easily modify the days and times of each schedule block to correspond with your school’s unique setup. You can also quickly click within each schedule block to insert period breaks as needed.

After the basic schedule layout is perfectly customized, you can then begin filling in each period block with the appropriate classes. You no longer must worry about making scheduling mistakes as you would with the manual process because classes can be re-arranged simply by clicking and dragging as needed.

Automatically Assigned Subjects

Any previously created subjects will automatically appear within the module to speed up the creation process. You can also add subjects on the fly when working in the scheduling module, if needed.

Publish to User Accounts

After the schedule is created, quickly activate it with the click of a button for teachers, students, and parents to access through their individual accounts. As additional schedule changes are made, those changes will also be updated within the various user accounts.

If you are interested in testing out the scheduling module, we invite you to try the beta version for free by contacting us at so we can turn the scheduling feature on for you. Want to see even more of the scheduling module’s features? View the brief preview video below.

Updated May 8, 2013:

We have a new updated scheduler. Check it out here:

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