Online Collaborative Projects for Students

Ever wondered  how to encourage your classroom to be more active in collaborative projects? Well here are some online projects they can join to earn some extra credit:
TEDTalks’ Open Translation Project
Not only does this project give your students the opportunity to learn about the world around them, it also gives them the chance to work in teams to complete translations in the language that they are most familiar with. For some students, it might also pose a great chance to hone their language skills.
NASA’s Quest Challenge
This is another free web-based game that’s catered to educating students about the scientific and engineering processed utilized in space exploration. The site also offers an array of multimedia based tools that can help students learn about the activities that NASA is engaged in.
This is a site setup by multiple organizations such as the NSF as well as NASA. It focuses mainly on global learning for the purpose of bettering the environment. It offers project ideas and tools for both teachers and students. Schools that sign up for this program can even offer  logged data about the environment – a great way to get your students actively participating in discussions about their changing environment.
Global Ed
This site too focuses on environmental science, from biodiversity to peace to preservation of languages. There’s an array of tools that you can use at schools such as case studies, quizzes, learning quests as well as project ideas. They’ve also done a great job of identifying which groups of students (based on grade) are a best fit for each project.

Is your classroom involved in any other collaborative activities? Do leave a comment and let us know.

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