New feature: Gradebook for parents

Among the many enhancements made to the gradebook feature, we’ve now switched on the ability for parents to take a look at their children’s gradebooks too. It’s a live, real-time indicator of progress across all the classes that a student takes.

Let’s first take a look at what a teacher would enter into his Intermediary Math 6 class’ gradebook.

As you’ll see, there are now 4 assignments and 1 quiz that has been graded for every student in the Intermediary Math 6 class.

Now let’s take a look at what Neil’s parents can see when they view his gradebook.

The first thing they’ll notice is how he’s doing in ALL his subjects from Intermediary Math to Geography and his 3 other subjects. We know this is valuable information as a parent get’s an immediate snapshot of the child’s progress. Also, they can get a relative idea of which subjects the student is not doing so well.

There’s also the ability to drill down into the results achieved for a particular subject. Let’s take a look at Neil’s Geography results and see why he’s got a 55% for that class.

Oh-uh! It looks like Neil’s Group Project didn’t go so well. Perhaps he needs some help with it?

An added feature for parents is the ability to look at gradebooks from past terms, so that they evaluate their child’s progress.

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