CCEA East Coast Conference (2010)

Last June 24-25, QuickSchools exhibited at the CCEA East Coast Conference in Farmington NY. We were here just last year, and so it was interesting to meet with schools that signed up from last year. One such school that really made a showing is the Calvary Chapel Christian School at Fredericktown PA. 6 of them attended the conference this year. We hung out and shared stories and experiences using QuickSchools this past year. This past year, they used the Attendance and Gradebook features extensively, as well as the Parent Portal to communicate with parents online. Next year, they will start generating report cards using QuickSchools. Here’s a picture of the CCEA Fredericktown staff aboard a boat cruise on the Eerie Canal.

On the Eerie Canal Boat Cruise

If there is one key takeaway from our conversations with the staff at Fredericktown, it’s that the live chat support really makes a difference. And hopefully, you will see this from the other testimonials from schools using our software. We really enjoy working with smaller schools, and we want to know how we can improve our software and our services. So come speak with us online. We’d love to hear from you.

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