Thank You for Attending our Orchestra Master Scheduler Webinar

Thank you to all those who attended our Orchestra Master Scheduler webinar on June 23. We hope that you enjoyed your time with us and found it helpful.

We had fun showing off what Orchestra can do for our customers!

As usual, a follow-up email, along with a feedback survey, was sent to all registrants. We hope that you’ll take the time to complete and submit the survey back to us. We welcome any feedback and/or suggestions to improve future webinars. For a copy of the webinar recording, simply check off the appropriate box in the survey form.

If you’re interested in giving the Orchestra Master Scheduler a try or you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us via our Live Chat Support or email us directly at

Our Help Center also provides valuable information, including step-by-step how-to guides and answers to FAQs.

Last but not least, we hope that you’ll join us in our next webinar  Preparing for the New School Year – scheduled on July 28. Registration will be available soon!