How Google Maps can help you in the classroom

Utilizing Google Maps in the classroom

Google Maps may not initially come to mind when you’re thinking about classroom resources. But did you know that Google Maps can be of great help in the classroom? Google Maps can be useful for teaching subjects such as Geography, History, and Politics. Technology continues to play a growing role in education, providing helpful and effective tools for students and teachers. By utilizing them, there are various innovative ways to incorporate digital tools and visualization into your teaching process.

We’re familiar with all the emerging digital tools being incorporated into the classroom in this day and age, but who would have thought something as simple as Google Maps could also alleviate your lessons? Let’s take a look at the ways Google Maps can help teachers in the classroom.

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Is using social media in the classroom a good idea?

impact of social media in the classroom

Ever thought of using social media as an educational tool in your classroom? Maybe now is the time. It is a great tool that can enrich the learning experience and improve communication. Form a deeper connection between your school and students. For instance, students can be updated with events and happenings through the school’s social media profile. We look into ways how using social media in the classroom can be helpful in the classroom.

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