Thank you for Attending our Transcripts Webinar!

We’d like to thank everyone who attended our Transcripts webinar. We hope you enjoyed the presentation, and gained some useful information.

A follow-up email has been sent to all registrants. Please take the time to complete the attached survey, and submit it back to us. We welcome all feedback. We look forward to finding ways to improve future webinars.

For those who’d like to know more about our Transcripts module, feel free to reach out to us via our Live Chat Support or email us directly at

We also curated the most relevant information on our Transcripts module from our Help Center and Blog. Follow this link to go to the Roundup: All About Transcripts post.

Our October webinar will be our last webinar for 2022. It has been a pleasure hosting the webinar series for the QuickSchools community. We love sharing our best practices to make sure that our community can fully leverage what QuickSchools has to offer.

Our webinar series will resume again in January 2023. In the meantime, let us know if you have suggestions for future topics by contacting our support team. Thank you again, and have a great rest of the year!

FREE WEBINAR: Creating Professional Transcripts

We’re reaching that time of the year when a majority of schools within the QuickSchools community will need to produce transcripts for recent graduates and/or college admissions purposes. Keeping this in mind, our October webinar will center on the QuickSchools’ Transcripts module.

Join us and learn how to leverage the full capabilities of our Transcripts module. At the end of this event, you’ll learn the easiest way to create elegant transcripts that will highlight student achievement and convey your school brand.

QuickSchools’ Creating Professional Transcripts webinar is geared towards school administrators, and suitable for all levels of users. We’ll first provide an overview of the basic features in the Transcripts module, before covering more intermediate and advanced concepts. Key discussion points include:

  • Transcripts overview: general behavior of the Transcripts module
  • Transcripts configurations and customizations
  • Administrative capabilities: advanced search, bulk print/download and reporting data
  • Live demo showcasing different styles of transcripts available in the QuickSchools library

We hope that you’ll take advantage of this interactive webinar. Post questions and answer polls during the 30-minute presentation session, and discuss further details during the follow-up, 30-minute Q&A session.

This webinar is scheduled for Thursday, October 20th at 11 AM (PT) / 2 PM (ET). School administrators can sign up by logging in to their QuickSchools account. The announcement and registration link are available on Teachers’ Lounge.

We look forward to hosting you!

Thank You for Making our Report Cards Webinar a Success!

To all attendees, we appreciate your participation in our September webinar. We hope that you enjoyed yourselves and found our presentation informative.

As per usual, we sent a follow-up email (with a feedback survey) to all participants. We hope that you’d take the time to complete and submit the survey back to us. We’ll do our best to incorporate your feedback and suggestions in future webinars.

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A Message To Our Participants – Thank You!

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in our inaugural Teacher Training Month! We truly appreciate all your support, and hope you found the presentation helpful.

Please take the time to submit the Feedback Form, included in our follow-up email. Your comments and suggestions will help to improve future webinars.

If you any questions, concerns, or are interested in learning more about the features discussed during our webinars, feel free to reach out to us via our Live Chat Support or email us at Various tutorials and step-by-step guides are also available in our Help Center and Blog.

Last but not least, our next webinar – Customizing Effective Report Cards – is scheduled for September 22. This webinar is geared towards school administrators and principals. Keep an eye out for the registration announcement on Teachers’ Lounge.