Top 5 best gifts to show appreciation to teachers

top 5 gifts to give to your teachers

It is important to start instilling gratitude from a young age. Some easy tips for teaching gratitude to children at school is by teaching them to say thank you to the people who help them out with doing things. This helps to show appreciation to others.

These efforts should definitely start from home. Parents can begin by telling their children why they are grateful for them. They can talk about the things they are grateful for and ask their kids to list down the things they are most grateful for. The key is to be consistent with showing gratitude and appreciation, so they know it is a regular practice and not only done on rare occasions.

say thank you to your teachers

It is essential to learn to appreciate the people around you. Although there are many ways to show appreciation, one of the ways is by gift-giving. However, being good in class, finishing homework, participating in class activities, and staying out of trouble are also a few ways students can show gratitude to their teachers. In cases where you are looking to gift your teachers a token of appreciation, what could the best gift for teachers be? 

Best Gifts for Teachers 

1. Personalized items 

personalized items for your teachers

There are many inexpensive choices for personalized items at the gift shop. From mugs to planners, “World’s Best Teacher” plaques and trophies, cute personalized tote bags, and enamel pins. Just like gifting parents with items labeled “World’s Best Mom/Dad”, it allows receivers to feel good about their role in a child’s life. It is a much-needed affirmation for them, to know that they are indeed doing a good job.

Teachers need a place where they can keep their notes, thoughts, and lesson plans. Hence a good notebook would be a perfect gift too. Perhaps with a handmade bookmark to match it!

handmade ornaments for your teachers

With the holidays coming up, a handmade ornament that can be hung up and displayed is another personalized idea. It can even be displayed on the Christmas tree or pinned on the wall. These ornaments are usually made with ceramic materials but students can use colored paper and cardboard instead. Just ensure that anything done with scissors for the younger kids has an adult to supervise them. 

2. Handmade cards

These are one of the best gifts to give anyone. The thought and effort behind creating a unique card are priceless. Visioning what you would like the card to look like, getting supplies, working on the card, and writing your own heartfelt wishes for the receiver. Teachers would really appreciate thoughtful gifts like these! 

homemade cards for your teacher

3. Things for the classroom

If a student prefers practicality or wants to gift their teachers something useful, the best present would be classroom supplies for everyday use. Students could also potentially gift these essential items to new teachers in order to help them stock up the classroom supplies. What classroom supplies do teachers need most? Some examples include whiteboard markers, pens, pencils, antibacterial wipes, tissues, and hand sanitizer. Any decor for the classroom would be nice and useful too. For instance, a desk organizer, pen holder, or a corkboard for the classroom. 

best gift ideas for your teacher

4. Thank You cards 

Some students may not have access to art and craft supplies to create their own cards, hence the next best thing is Thank You cards! These are more accessible to students. They can get it from the gift shop or print out the many available templates available online. All they have to do is write down their wishes and fold them up. If students want to work together on a thank you card “project”, they can all come together to create thank you posters and pin them up on the wall.

thank you cards for your teacher

5. Scented candles

It’d be hard for any teacher not to be moved by the quote on this candle. Since candles are pricier than the other gift ideas listed, students could share and chip in money to get their teacher a scented candle. For an English teacher or a bookworm, students can get a candle that smells like a library with aromas of cedarwood and leather. Truly a wonderful gift for them to unwind with a cup of hot tea at the end of the day.

scented candles for your teacher

There is no specific day or way to show appreciation to your teachers. However, there are a few instances where students can gift their teachers presents if they can afford to. It could be during Teacher’s Day, a teacher’s birthday, or at the end of the year. Just like the things mentioned in the list above, presents do not have to be expensive. It is a way to say thank you and convey your gratitude to teachers. We hope this article has been helpful in your search for gifts for your dear teachers. Feel free to leave a comment on what items you gifted your teachers!

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