Gradebook Templates

The Gradebook Template in QuickSchools is one of several features available in the Gradebook for teachers. It’s available on the top right corner of the Gradebook next to the Full Screen icon: 

Use Gradebook Templates to copy columns between subjects

The Gradebook Template allows you to templatize an existing Gradebook, essentially allowing you to copy the columns in the current Gradebook, and insert them into another subject / course. Here we see several saved templates:

Create and Manage Gradebook Templates

Clicking on “Create Template” will create a new template based on the columns in the current Gradebook. Clicking on a template, allows you to see and adjust all the available columns:

View and Adjust columns within a saved Gradebook Template

We recently introduced the Date column you see here. Previously, the system would always use the current date when creating new columns. Now, you can set a date before doing the import. This date field is optional. If you leave the date field blank, the system will continue to use the current date as the column date.

One last note, if you have any additional fields enabled in the Gradebook column, like the Scale Score, this section will also be saved and included in the template, even though you don’t see the information on the Gradebook template itself:

Scale Score settings are saved in the Gradebook Template

We hope you enjoy this new improvement. We thank the schools for letting us know about this, and do let us know of any further improvements you’d like to see in QuickSchools.

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