New Release – Mar 8, 2021

Hope everyone is doing well! We’ve made several improvements to our LMS-related features, in particular with our Live Stream capabilities. We also have a few general improvements we’d like to share with you.

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:


  • Calendar support for Lesson Plans and Events
  • Refactor Lesson Plans with Subject-based Lesson Plans
  • Improve Parent Notification for Assignment Discussions

Live Stream

  • Show only Active/Upcoming Live Stream for students/parents
  • New screen for teachers to view Active/Upcoming Live Stream (Beta)
  • Improve configuration screen for Zoom
  • Support for Zoom recordings saved on the Cloud
  • Support Manual URL
  • Ability to delete completed Live Stream (Beta)
  • Bug fix Time Zone display (Beta)

Other General Improvements

  • Search Teachers Lounge (Beta) – See below
  • Improved Gradebook Template – See below
  • Improved Gradebook Sync with Google Classroom by Teachers
  • Sort Students Documents by File Name
  • New Admissions Fee support via the Fee Tracking module
  • New “Created by” user field for Interventions
  • Improve Report Creator support when filtering for exact day
  • Improve Report Creator filter for Admissions Inquiry
  • Optimize performance when viewing Report Cards listing and Students listing
  • Optimize server logging for performance
  • API improvements for Mobile App
  • Bug fix when displaying formulas in Gradebook PDF
  • Bug fix Subject Area Importer
  • Bug fix Department Constraint in Master Scheduler
  • Bug fix “Download Forms” on “Online Forms” tab of student record
  • Bug fix attachments when emailing Report Cards
  • Bug fix Standard Charges with zero amounts in Fee Tracking module
  • New internal framework to support student subscription limits

Search Teachers Lounge (Beta)

We have a new Beta feature which allows users to search the Teachers Lounge.

We’re still making improvements to the interface. But if you’d like early access, please contact our support team.

Improved Gradebook Template

When creating a Gradebook Template, you now have the option to set the Column Date. Leaving the date blank will import new columns with the current date (which is the old behaviour):

Please also note that if you create a new template from an existing gradebook, all column parameters will also be saved (like Scale Score Info), even if it’s not visible when editing the Gradebook Template.

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