Half Day Attendance

QuickSchools is introducing a new status for Daily Attendance, called Half Day Attendance. So when taking daily attendance, you’ll see an additional option for “Half Day”.

New Half Day Option for Daily Homeroom-Based Attendance
NOTE: This feature is in Private Beta. Please request access by contacting QuickSchools Support.

Where do these changes apply?

The new Half Day status only applied to Daily Attendance. So anywhere you expect to be able to add / edit Daily Attendance, you should now see an option for Half Day.

Student Attendance tab

There is a new legend (and color) for Half-Day Attendance:

There is a new option for “Half Day” when adding and editing attendance from the Attendance tab:

Attendance Codes app

There’s a new option for “Half Day” when adding / editing Attendance Codes:

What does it mean?

When it comes to reporting, Half-Day Attendance simply means that you attended half the day. So Daily Attendance report will reflect 0.5 days attended for that day. You will see this reflected in the following areas:

  • Student Attendance PDF
  • Report Cards & Transcripts
  • Summary Reports
  • Report Creator

What about Subject Attendance?

Subject Attendance will continue to report on the number of periods attended. So you either fully attend a period, or are fully absent for a period. You will not be able to select “Half Day” when taking attendance for a particular period, subject or section. As such, “Half Day” will not appear for Subject-based Attendance:

With subject attendance, you can mimic half-day attendance when a student attends half of the available periods. So for example, if you have 4 periods in a day, and the student is present for half of those periods, then that is equivalent to half day attendance (i.e. 2/4 periods attended = half-day attendance).

Future Improvements?

We are developing a new feature called Period Zero Attendance to be run in conjunction with Subject Attendance. This essentially means you can run both Daily Attendance in conjunction with Subject Based Attendance. Daily Attendance will be recorded in Period Zero, and only Period Zero Attendance can be reported even when Subject-Attendance is enabled. In this scenario, Subject Attendance is merely recorded to inform the school on how to record Daily Attendance for that day.

So for example, you could have 5 periods a day, and if a student is absent for 3 of those periods, instead of reporting 0.6 days attended for the day, you could record Half Day for Period Zero, and report 0.5 days attended instead. OR, if a student is present for 4 out of 5 periods, instead of reporting 0.8 days attended for the day, you could record a full day present for the day, and report 1 day attended instead.

If you’re interested in this feature, please let us know.

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