Only pay for Active Students

Since early on, QuickSchools has been supporting schools grow, by providing a flexible monthly subscription plan that’s simply based on the number of active student records in the account. Especially in these difficult times, if enrollment goes down, your subscription cost will also go down. All you have to do is make sure that you deactivate your students when they leave / graduate:

Deactivating Student Records

To deactivate a student record, all you have to do is open the student record from the Students listing, and select either “Student has left the school”, “Student has been expelled” or “Student has graduated” from the “Actions” dropdown on the top right corner:

Once a student is inactive, the student record no longer appears on the main Students listing.

Accessing Inactive Records

To view inactive student records, use the triangle on the search box to activate the Advanced Search options, and select one of the available options to include inactive students (like “ Show deleted students”, “Show students who have left” or “Show expelled students”): 

Inactive students will appear on the Students listing with the Unenrolled Date specified.

Re-activate Student Records

To reactivate a student record, simply click on the record, and select the “Reenroll this student” option from the “Actions” dropdown menu on the top right:

How does billing work?

To keep things simple, we don’t do any sort of pro-rating. Instead, on the anniversary of your subscription, we will count the number of active students in your Students listing, and charge you based on that.

Please note that apps are charged separately. They have their own monthly pricing, as well as their own billing cycle. However, when you get charged for an app, the system simply creates an invoice, and we won’t charge your credit card until your regular monthly charge for subscriptions.

Questions about Billing

If you have questions about billing, or if you’d like to dispute a charge / invoice, please contact our support team via email or chat, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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