Only pay for what you use

At QuickSchools, we believe in keeping things simple. So when it comes to billing, we try to keep things simple as well. Here we discuss how schools are charged based on the selected plan and the number of students in your account.

First off, you can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time, either during your free trial, or even after subscribing. You’d do so simply by clicking on the “Features” page, and then selecting one of the available plans. Upgrades/downgrades are instantaneous, and any data that you have in your account will remain intact.

Secondly, we only charge based on the active number of students in your account. For more information on how to activate and reactivate student records, check out this article:

Finally, we don’t do any sort of complicated pro-rating when it comes to billing. When you first subscribe, we will simply count the number of students in your account and multiple it with the rate for the plan that you selected.  And every month after that, we’ll again take a snapshot of the number of active students in your account, and multiply it with the rate for the activated/selected plan. The system will not pro-rate anything based on activity in between billing periods.

So for example, if you’re billed today for 10 students on the Apollo Plan, and you add 10 students tomorrow, and then 15 graduate the following week, the system will only count the 5 currently active student records in your account on your next bill. If you decide to upgrade to Athena the following day, you would not be billed for it until the next billing cycle.

If you have further questions about this, please come chat with us.

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