It’s not just Parent Messaging

We started off QuickSchools building an awesome Student Information System (SIS) specifically for small schools. In the early days, our messaging system was primarily for Parents, although we quickly included functionality to broadcast messages to teachers and students as well. But 10 years later, the simplicity and flexibility of our product has allowed our customer base to expand to include a variety of schools, not just K12. We now have language schools, prep schools, colleges, trade schools, vocational schools, and more. So we’re going to change the module name from “Parent Messaging” to just “Messaging”. We think that makes a lot of sense.

But before we make this change, we thought we’d take one final poll. If you have access to the “Parent Messaging” module in your QuickSchools account, you should see a link to take a short survey:

take our pill on parent messaging

Please do check that out. We’d love to hear your feedback. We’ll be removing the link in a couple of days.

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