Attendance Calendar for Holidays

In case you missed it with the release of Sprint E20, there is a new Calendar feature in Quickschools that is readily available to all schools.

As an administrator, you can now define the holiday calendar for each academic term that you set up. In addition, the feature can also restrict data entry for attendance. This will prevent teachers from inadvertently adding attendance data on days students are not expected to attend.

Here’s a quick guide on viewing and configuring the calendar:

  1. Under the “New Semester Setup” > “View All Semesters” menu, you should see a new “Calendar” link for each term:
New “Calendar” link when configuring an Academic Term
  1. Clicking on it will bring up a calendar for the specified start/end dates defined for the term:
Set up holidays and other non-school days on the Calendar
  1. You can then click on a cell to set that day as a holiday, by applying a “Day Label”:
Apply a “Day Label” to make it a non-school day
  1. To restrict attendance, you will need to configure your Attendance module on the Settings page, and enable the “Hide “Take Attendance” button on non school days” option:
Enable this setting to restrict attendance

Once this setting has been turned on, your teachers will only be able to take attendance on configured schools days.

If you have any questions about this feature, or need assistance with setting it up, please contact us via Live Chat or at

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