New Release: Sprint E10

Here’s a list of the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

  • Admissions Improvements
    • Inquiry Fields on Custom Embed Form (See below)
    • Customize Form for Invited Applicants (See below)
  • NEW: Pathways App (Coming Soon)
  • Mobile App Framework Improvements
    • Future Support for Teacher Login
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes / Improvements
    • Restrict Default Subscription Payment to Confirmed Bank Accounts
    • Bulk Print Master Scheduler with Alternative Bell Schedules
    • Hide Debug for Color Scheme
    • Improve Configuration for Attendance Settings
    • File Download bug in IEP app (for student names with apostrophes)
    • Online Form improvements for Group Schools with Shared Form Packets
    • Bug saving student record (in certain cases)

Inquiry Fields on Custom Embed Form

We’ve added the ability to include the built-in fields in the Inquiry to the embedded form (similar to what we have with the Applications module):

Configure Fields to be displayed on the Embedded Inquiry Form

You can include/exclude fields, as well as rename fields (especially if you expect different languages).

Customize Form for Invited Applicants

You can now customize the fields that appear on the form for applicants which you invite via email to continue their submission:

Customize Form for Invited Applicants
Configure Fields / Sections to be displayed on Form for Invited Applicants

Please note that customization for this form is different from the embedded form option that is also available for new applicants.

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