Can I Edit/Delete Fees?

The Fee Tracking module in QuickSchools is a very useful tool for tracking and communicating fees and payments with students and parents. In some case, schools may even allow students and parents to make payments online. Although this Fee Tracking module is not a full blown accounting module, we do adhere to certain accounting principles in order to allow the current and future integration of the Fee Tracking module with external accounting programs.

Fee Transactions can only be Deleted, not Edited
Fee Transactions can only be Deleted, not Edited

In the accounting world, transactions should never really be edited, or even deleted. When an error is made, usually a new transaction needs to be created to offset the original transaction. As a result, our fee tracking module currently does not allow transactions to be edited. So if a mistake is made during data entry, the user will either need to delete the original transaction, or create a new transaction to offset the error.

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