QuickSchools for Special Education

QuickSchools is fantastic for managing complex records and reports, such as the files kept for special education students. If you’re looking at how to setup your account to work best, given a handful of special education students – or a whole school body – here are some of the ways that we recommend tracking information.

The Students module can store tons of information - here are a few of the ways in which to use it for Special Education
The Students module can store tons of information – here are a few of the ways in which to use it for Special Education

Managing Records & Files

There are quite a few features that might be helpful for tracking forms, files, and special accommodations. Here are some highlights…

    • Documents – this tab in the Students module is like an online file-folder as it allows  for files to be uploaded and stored online, with the student’s primary record. It’s great for IEPs, 504-plans, or other official files – written accommodations or otherwise.
    • Medical – this tab in the student record is a tidy way to enter student medical information. For situations where there are special accommodations due to allergies, illness, or physical disabilities, the medical tab can be a clear and helpful way to track the information.
    • Custom Fields – this particular section of the student records is super-flexible, so it can be used as a way to make notes on a file. For example, students’ record can have custom fields areas for writing out necessary accommodations, or leaving notes for other teachers about how to work with a student
    • Private Messaging – As a communication system for special education teams, Private Messaging is a very powerful tool. It’s easy to have just one thread for each student’s group of support people. Parents and students can also be included in their special education threads, if needed.


Because QuickSchools is so flexible, there are quite a few different ways of going about managing grades are reports for special education classes. Here’s some information on the different features in the system that might be helpful.

    • Setup Subjects – Even if special education courses are supplemental, or don’t appear on the report card, they can still be setup in Subject Setup and have grades, attendance, and enrollment tracked like general education courses. For example, Subjects could be created for special education taught by a special education teacher, regular time working separately with in-class aides, and even lunchtime social groups.
    • Gradebook Comments – In the regular Gradebook module, teachers can post “public comments” that are visible for parents and students in their online portal. This is a fantastic  way to keep communication lines open about progress in general and  special education classes.
    • Standards-Based Gradebook – This new Gradebook feature is designed for tracking students’ mastery of various standards. Because these standards are entirely customized, they can be used for tracking success in everything from Common Core to individualized learning goals.
    • Report Cards – Not only is this module great for end-of-term reports, but it’s also very effective for progress reports. Some of our schools, particularly the ones that focus on special education, use this Report Cards to send out frequent updates.

IEP App Pilot

Per popular request, we’re working on building a comprehensive new app that takes a more holistic approach to managing special education students’ files. It allows for tracking students’ eligibility status, and stores all information for every student in their own file. The main page of the app shows the list of IEP (or other special education) students, and the most recent update to their file.

The IEP App Pilot is a gorgeous new app for managing Special Education records. Please give it a try!
The IEP App Pilot is a gorgeous new app for managing Special Education records. Please give it a try!

In addition, the app has a very neat process for tagging entries so it’s easy to search for records by type. There are quite a few options for tags. These are…

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Team Meeting
  • Meeting
  • Plan
  • Needed Accommodations
  • Observation
  • Evaluation
  • Goal
  • Milestone

All types of tagged entries also allow for supporting documentation to be attached as files or as links. Entries can even be tagged with a combination of tags too.

While this awesome app is still in development, if you’d like to give it a try, please let us know. We’d be more than happy to to enable it in your account, and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on how the app is working, and what sorts of changes and updates you’d like to see.

Of course, if you have any questions or need anything while setting up your account to manage special education records, please feel free to chat in. We’d be more than happy to help out any time!


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