The Hudson College Report Card Template

As part of our initiative to share the awesome custom report cards at QuickSchools, today we’re sharing a private template. If it looks good to you, feel free to chat in – we’d love to enable it for you and help you set it up just the way you’d like!

At Hudson College in Toronto, ON students receive report cards that give detailed grades on both behavior and academics. It’s a very specific template, so we all worked together to build it with Hudson. When all was finished, Director Jeff Bavington had this to say about the process –

“The ability to customize our reports to suit our school’s personal needs was crucial for us at Hudson. The support team at Quick Schools – especially Azroy and Rick – were tremendously responsive and helpful in designing, testing, and implementing our reports. The result of our new report system is that it’s simultaneously more simple and efficient, yet also much more detailed and personalized for each student – and we’re only getting started! We are very pleased with the results. I highly recommend Quick Schools to any school looking for great features, flexibility, and support for their SIS needs”

Of course, special thanks to Director Bavington and all our friends at Hudson College! It was a pleasure to work Report Cards with you too!

Since it’s such a fantastic and detailed report card, we are all certain that it may be of some help to other schools. Without further ado, here’s a look at a sample Hudson College report card.

Hudson College Report Card - Page 1
Hudson College Report Card – Page 1

Hudson College Report Card - Page 2
Hudson College Report Card – Page 2
Hudson College Report Card - Page 3
Hudson College Report Card – Page 3
Hudson College Report Card - Page 4
Hudson College Report Card – Page 4

Since this fabulous report card is similar to the progress report design by the  Ontario Province Ministry of Educationstandards,  this trimeter-based template has plenty of neat features that allow for tons of feedback from teachers to families. There are separate sections for Behavior and Academic grades, concise Subject-Specific criteria, and plenty of space for comments. The subject-specific criteria comes prepared so that whenever a grading criteria is made, there is a checkbox for whether a student receives IEP or ESL support in that area.

Alongside these features, the template also supports…

Tear-Off Sections for Parent Comments & Student Comments

  • At-a-Glance Attendance Section in Report Card Header
  • Custom Grading Scale Section
  • Detailed Behavior Sections with Comments
  • Parent & Principal Signatures
  • Promotion Status Checkbox

There’s plenty of space for reporting all sorts of information for all sorts of students on the Hudson College template. If this report card looks like it may be helpful for your school, feel free to chat in any time and request it. We’d love to enable it in your account and help you get it ready to go.


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