The Report Card Sequencing Checklist

One of the awesome things about QuickSchools report cards is how flexible they are. You can set up as many Report Sessions as needed for any combination of progress, quarter (or cycle), or semester grades. However, once in a while, the grades might appear in the wrong column on a semesters-, cycle-, or quarters- style report card. For just this situation, we have Report Card sequencing – so you can chose the semester column for grades and attendance to appear.

Brand-new Report Cards that have been just setup can occasionally have a somewhat unexpected appearance, especially if you have a few Report Cards from the same quarter in your module. The system automatically treats each of these report cards like records individual, official quarters, which while often very helpful, isn’t always. If your report cards look a bit like the examples below, then it’s best to manually set the Sequence to help them to display properly.

The Report Cards might have Term 2 Grades repeating through multiple columns…

…or, Term 1 Grades missing entirely…

… or have Term 2 appearing in the Term 1 column.

Though they might not look so great at first, each of these examples can be fixed quickly with Report Card sequencing. Once you have made a new Report Card session, the Sequence can be set from the admin’s Setup Report Cards menu. If you’d like to sequence your report cards, here’s the step-by-step guide!

1 – Go to Setup Report Cards → Manage

2 – Click “Edit” for the first marking term official Report Card.

3 – Enter “1” in the Sequence box. Click “Ok”.

4 – Click “Edit” for the second marking term official Report Card.

5 – Enter “2” in the Sequence box. Save.

6 – Repeat for each marking term visible on the most recent Report Cards. Make sure any unofficial Report Cards or Progress Reports have “0” or no sequence value set.

…and that’s it! You’ll have a beautiful QuickSchools report card for each of your students.

Of course, if you have any questions or need any help with Sequencing Report Cards (or anything else!), please feel free to chat in or email us anytime! We’d be thrilled to help set up your Report Cards so that they look just right.

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