The Lake Michigan Academy Progress Reports

As part of our exciting new initiative to make our awesome report cards more available, we thought we’d start by sharing an example of how to use the Report Cards for mid-term progress reports. Today, we’re featuring a school that uses a public template. And, stay tuned – our next post will showcase one of our custom-built private templates!

One of our schools, Lake Michigan Academy in Grand Rapids, MI, USA uses one of our public templates – Classic White – to build awesome progress reports every week.

Sample Report Cards using the Classic White template
Sample Report Cards using the Classic White template

Let’s take look at a sample Lake Michigan Academy Weekly Progress Report.

Great work, LMA!! This is such a great setup for giving detailed comments feedback to students.

Of course, since all schools with a Report Cards module have access to this public template, anyone can set up progress reports like Lake Michigan Academy! If you’re interested in a how to, we’ve included the steps below:

1 – Create a New Report Card session

2 – Go to Setup Report Cards → “Change Template”

3 – Select Classic White
Select Classic White

4 – Configure the switches to match Lake Michigan Academy’s report card setup

Here are some images of how the switches look –  the switches appear in the same order (left to right) as they do when you scroll down the page. 

LMA Switches 1

LMA Switches 2

LMA Switches 3

5 – Enter Effort Grades and Comment in Subject Based Grading

6 – Check your report cards, then send them off!

Of course, if you have any questions on setting up Lake Michigan Academy Progress Reports, feel free to chat in any time! We’d be thrilled to help out.

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