Subject-Based Attendance

One thing you can do in your QuickSchools account over the summer in preparation for the new school year is to set up your subject based attendance. But before you can do this, you’ll first need to update your course offering. This is the 5th installment of the QuickSchools Summer Series.

Turning on the features: If you haven’t turned on the feature yet, you’ll need to go to the “Features” page, and click on “Configure” next to the “Attendance” module.

Turn on Subject-Based Attendance
Turn on Subject-Based Attendance

From there, just make sure the “We take attendance multiple times per day” is checked, and that your name (or role) is listed next to “If so, who will configure the periods” box.

Configuring the periods: After selecting the “Attendance” > “Attendance Settings” menu, there are a few things you’ll need to set:

Configure Subject-Based Attendance Periods
Configure Subject-Based Attendance Periods

1 – Select the “Subject-Based” radio button for the grade levels that require subject-based attendance. A row of boxes will appear for that grade level.

2 – Specify the number of periods for each day of the week, by entering a number either in the top box, or one of the boxes for the grade level. You will need to press “Enter” or “Tab” to save the number of periods. Repeat this for all grades and periods.

3 – Finally click on “Configure”.

Assigning subjects to periods: After clicking on the “Configure” button, the following screen will appear:

Assigning Subjects to Periods for Attendance
Assigning Subjects to Periods for Attendance

This is where you decide which subject teacher(s) will take attendance for any given period. You can have multiple teachers taking attendance concurrently during the same period. The subject teacher will only take attendance for his/her students.

To assign a subject to a period, simply click on a cell, and select one or more classes from the dropdown selector. Once you’re done saving all the new entries, just click “Close”.

And now you’re ready to take attendance for the new school year! Teachers will use the “Attendance” > “Subject Attendance” to take attendance.

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