Updated QuickSchools Parent Portal

Check out the new QuickSchools Parent Portal Interface:

New QuickSchools Parent Portal Interface
New QuickSchools Parent Portal Interface

You can now check the status of the student right after logging in. Just click on the appropriate links to view a particular aspect of the student’s status (like Report Cards, Grades, Attendance, or Homework). Or click on “View Complete Record” to get the original tab-based view like before.

We hope you like this new improvement 🙂

Updated May 24, 2013:

We’ve just released Private Messaging for Parents. You can check it out here:


22 thoughts on “Updated QuickSchools Parent Portal

  1. […] The “Features” page is only available to the school administrator, and it controls modules as well as access to modules. In the beginning, all modules are turned off, and we recommend activating modules one at a time, to ensure all users know how to use a module before rolling out another. For example, you probably want to make sure that teachers are recording grades in the Online Gradebook properly, before rolling out the Parent Portal. […]

  2. […] announcements and events. If enabled, Parents can also interact with teachers and students via the Parent Portal as well. Check out our Online Class Discussions and Private Messaging […]

  3. […] For those who haven’t noticed, we now have a Schoology Integration App that’s available on our QuickSchools App Store, which allows schools to synchronize their gradebooks from Schoology with the gradebooks in QuickSchools. With this integration, schools can create more dynamic Report Cards within QuickSchools, and share grades more readily with parents via the Parent Portal. […]

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