Managing Parent Relationships

In QuickSchools, you can already link students as siblings via the “Parents” tab on the student screen. This saves time by allowing administrators to manage/update only one set of parent records (parent records for siblings are automatically updated). Also, when a parent logs in, he/she will have access to all students linked to that parent record, from a single login:

Parents tab on Student RecordView of the Parents tab after opening the Student Record (for School Administrators)

But what happens if a parent should only be allowed access to some of the siblings (because of divorce and remarriage)? This is where it helps to click on the “Manage Complex Relationships” link.

Manage Complex RelationshipsManage Complex Relationships for related siblings using the available dropdowns

Clicking on the link will display all related siblings, as well as the relationship of each sibling to each parent/guardian record. You can use the dropdowns to set the relationship for each parent. Setting the relationship to “No Relation – do not show as parent”, will hide the parent record for that student (but not for the other siblings).

Hidden / Unrelated Parent Guardian RecordsHidden/Unrelated Parent/Guardian records still appear in the Parents tab of the Student record

Parents that are not linked, their information will still be noted at the bottom of the Parents tab. So now when the parent logs in, he/she will only have access to the appropriate students linked to that account.

If you need further clarification on this, please come chat with us.

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