Activating and Deactivating Student records

When you subscribe to QuickSchools, you only pay for active students enrolled in your school. However, even though a student leaves the school, you will continue to have read-only access to the student record, for as long as your account remains active with us.

If a student who left the school returns, you can re-activate the student record, and all previous information about that student can be re-instated and modified. Here’s a short video that describes the process of de-activating and re-activating a student record (go to 1:51 or click here):

Go to 1:51 or click here for a direct link

When it comes to billing, QuickSchools will automatically invoice you every month based on the number of active students in your account. If you have a valid credit card on file with us, you will be charged automatically.

We don’t do any sort of pro-rating, when it comes to billing. If you manage to activate and de-activate a student record between billing cycles (i.e. before the next invoice is applied), you will not be charged for that student. We want to keep this process as simple as possible. There is also a minimum charge of 2 students for your QuickSchools subscription.

Please check out more QuickSchools videos on YouTube.

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