Locking Report Cards

REVIEW: When you first create a report card grading session, the report cards are editable. All fields are calculated and displayed in real-time. You can override the fields by typing in something yourself. And if you move your mouse over the field, the “Default value” will pop-up over the field.

The report card will display the latest information based on information entered into the various modules. So for example, when teachers update the gradebook, the report cards will be updated automatically with the latest final grade calculations.

QUESTION: Once the report cards are done, and I’ve printed them off, how do I make sure that the report cards don’t change anymore?

Remember that if teachers continue to use the Gradebook and Attendance modules after the report cards are printed (especially if the academic term is not archived), the fields in the report card may get updated as well. And so the report cards that you printed earlier may look different if re-printed again later.

To protect against this, at the end of the marking period, once you’re satisfied with the report cards and are ready to print them, you should lock the report cards. There are currently 2 ways for report cards to be locked:

1 – You can explicitly lock the report card by going to the “Report Cards” > “Setup Report Cards” screen, click on “Manage”, and then click on the “Lock Report Cards” link for a particular grading session. You can use this screen to unlock existing grading sessions as well (more on this later).

2 – The grading session will also be locked AUTOMATICALLY when you create a new grading session, because the system always assumes that when you’re creating a grading session for a new marking period.

QUESTION: So what happens if I make a mistake, and I need to make changes to a locked report card?

Well, as mentioned above, you can go back to “Report Cards” > “Setup Report Cards”, click on “Manage”, and then click on the “Unlock” link for a particular grading session. However, there is a difference when editing an unlocked report card.

An unlocked report card will retain the original locked values, but they can be overridden. If you move you mouse over the fields, the original locked value as well as the calculated value will be displayed. To change the field, you will need to type in the correct value.

If the locked value is the same as the calculated value, then the pop-up will simply show a single “Default value”. Be sure to save when you’re done. And feel free to lock the report cards again, if necessary.

If you have questions about this, please chat with us.

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