Mass Printing Report Cards

From the main “Report Cards” > “Report Cards” menu, you can follow these steps to print all the report cards in bulk:

1 – Check off all the checkboxes next to the report cards. You can click on the “All” link, but that only checks off the checkboxes on the first page. So page through, and click the “All” link as you go (we’ll improve the way this works in a future release).

2 – Click on “Download Selected”. The system will prompt for a file name. Be sure it ends with .zip. Once you complete this process, a zip file will be downloaded to your local computer.

3 – Open the zip file, and extract its contents to a folder/directory. The way this happens is slightly different depending on the program you use. But in the end, you should have a folder/directory contain all the downloaded report cards in pdf format.

4 – Select the report card PDF files with your mouse. Then right-click, and select “Print” from the menu.

And that’s it! Chat with us if you need help 🙂

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