Thank you from Team QuickSchools!

Hello everyone,

It’s been a fantastic year for QuickSchools and we just want to say thank you to all of you for your support, thoughtful feedback and warm compliments. The encouragement we receive from you inspire us to work harder and make QuickSchools even better for everyone.

We have also been really privileged to have the opportunity to get to know many of you better throughout the course of the year. And we even had the pleasure of meeting some of you on the road as we make our way through the conference circuit. We look forward to getting to know everyone more as we head into the 2011/2012 school year and beyond.

We are continuously amazed at the dedication we see from the school administrators, the teachers and parents to making sure that students get the best care and wholesome education they deserve. It’s truly inspiring stuff. And we are absolutely excited to be by your side and helping any way we can to improve education for children all around the world.

Looking back, I am sure there were moments when we answered chat a second later than you would have preferred or you felt a feature could be just that bit smoother and many other imperfections. For those moments, we truly apologize.  We’ll keep on improving though and that’s a promise!

As we chart the course for next year, we’d love to hear your thoughts on improvements you’d like to see in QuickSchools. Right now, we’re working on the transcripts module to make it cool and awesome like the Report Cards module and we have a very nice surprise for everyone in a couple of months. Won’t say what it is but we’re super excited about it. 🙂

Ooops I digress. So, please let us have your feedback and thoughts for next year. Already we hear requests for an iPad version, online payments, language support etc etc. Let us know and help us make QuickSchools better for you.

Finally, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Azreen and Team QuickSchools

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