QuickSchool’s feature enhancements: Attendance taking

The team has been working on improving the attendance feature over the last few weeks and I think it’s time we let you in on some of it.

The attendance feature currently allows the homeroom teachers to take attendance for their classes. If configured, it also allows assigned individuals to handle entry of attendance.

We very much appreciate the insightful suggestions that were made by the schools that signed up for the free trial as it really helped the team gain traction towards releasing an attendance feature that meets the needs of most smaller schools.

You can now tell the system if it’s not a school day

attendance scroller

Apart from the easy-to-scroll interface, there’s a new link that says This is not a school day and it lets you remove any attendance data recorded for that particular date. This should be useful, for anyone entering attendance really, as it helps manage weekend attendance information that does not need to appear on the report card.

You can now add remarks for each student’s daily attendance


It’s as simple as clicking the ‘Add Remark’ button, typing in the details and clicking OK.

The advantage of keeping such information at a granular level is that come analysis time, administrators can really dig deep into any attendance issues they are facing with a particular student or group of students.

A little something extra that we sprinkled in

Another minor change we’ve made is that once you decide to start marking attendance for a particular day, all your students will start off appearing as present for that day. This should make it convenient to use given that you probably don’t want to be clicking away at check-boxes each day. All you need to do now is to look out for those students who are tardy or absent.

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