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QuickSchools had it’s soft launch in Albany New York last November at the CAIRS conferenceWe’ll be there again this year, so definitely look us up.

It’s been roughly 11 months since Albany 2008 and I was thinking that it’d be interesting to look at some web traffic statistics of QuickSchools.com

QuickSchools web traffic in the last 11 months
QuickSchools web traffic in the last 11 months

From the Google Analytics graph, we can see that right after Albany, we managed to get some interest from the conference and experienced our first bunch of visitors in November-December 2008.

During this phase, we learned what worked and quite frankly, what didn’t! Thanks to some honest and frank feedback from our customers, we continuously improved our value proposition, from concept to features and our pricing too.

All this culminated in our release on Aug 17th this year. And what a difference that made. We’ve gotten more than 100 sign-ups since Aug 17th compared to a grand total of about 30 schools before that date. The Aug 17th release transformed QuickSchools.com to be FULLY ONLINE. That means schools can go from “being interested” to “go-live” on QuickSchools.com in a matter of minutes and they do this all by themselves.

Of course, we have a long way to go but the vision is clear. For the smaller schools out there who are looking for a good solution to their schools’ administrative needs, QuickSchools.com is for you!

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