Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are constantly looking for ways to help you, our customers, to quickly resolve problems you may encounter while using Quickschools. So we’ve posted a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) article that we think would improve your Quickschools experience. We have highlighted some of the items below:

FAQ: Some of our grades are not showing automatically in the Report Card. Why aren’t the final grades from the Gradebook transferred over?

Please check the Gradebook and make sure that the “Is final grade” checkbox is checked.

FAQ: My homework is missing! How can I retrieve them?

Homework links on the student’s main Home page will only be available 2 days after it is posted, and 2 days before its due date. To access all posted homework assignments, please click the “View Complete Record” link below your child’s name and go to Homework tab.

My school is non-K12, can I still use QS?

Definitely yes. We have several non-K12 users which includes language schools, nursing schools, music schools and dance schools, etc. Please check out the links below to help you set up Quickschools for your account:

Why are we being charged? Classes are over and we’re not using Quickschools right now.

We charge customers on a monthly basis. Should you wish not to be charged at this time, please email us at so we can hibernate your account.
To re-activate your account when the classes resume, simply send us an email again.

To view the entire FAQs list, click
here. Let us know what you think!