How important is digital literacy for your students in today’s online world?

digital literacy and how important it is for your students

With the online world growing, it is important that your students understand digital literacy. Preparing them for the skills they need to know in order to use technology safely and responsibly is a must. 

The rise of edtech and the internet has opened up a new world that brings a lot of benefits. Especially to those that may not have had such opportunities before. It can empower and educate students, leading them to a path that is forever changing. Thus they will constantly be learning to stay on top. 

In recent years, technology has become so advanced that we need it in every aspect of our lives. Helping to teach your students to be digitally literate will not only help them through their studies but will carry on into their work life. 

Let’s start at the very beginning with the question, what is digital literacy?

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