Attendance Dashboard (Private Beta)

We understand how busy a Teacher’s day can get, and how this may lead to them forgetting to take attendance in QuickSchools. To resolve this, we now introduce a new feature — the Attendance Dashboard.

This feature is in BETA: If you would want this enabled for your school, please contact our Support Team.

This new feature would display the periods of a given day where attendance is Not Yet Taken. It is applicable for Homeroom, Period, or Subject-Based Attendance, and allow the Global Attendance Takers to either (1) Take attendance on behalf of the teacher; or (2) Send an Email notifying the teacher of the attendance yet to be taken.

To know more about our Attendance Dashboard feature, please see our Support Guide linked below:

Teacher Attendance App

Attendance data management is not just about the students – it’s also for teachers. To create a holistic view of attendance statistics, attendance tracking extends to the entire ecosystem of the school. This means for your teachers too. 

The Teacher Attendance App essentially allows you to:

  • Take attendance for all your teachers in your school
  • Tabulates an attendance history so you can see a summary of attendance for the active semester
  • 3 types of attendance available (present, absent, tardy) 

Configuring Access

Here you can configure access for the Teacher Attendance  App depending on which users you want to be able to take attendance for the teachers. Only users who have been configured here will see this app appear on their menu. 

Taking Attendance

Just like taking attendance for students, the Teacher Attendance App works in a similar way. Just click the “Take Attendance” button and begin tracking your teachers. 

 Once the app is installed, it will automatically pull the teacher names and auto populate them into the app.

Just click on any of the 3 predefined options (present, absent, tardy) and the status will update from “not yet taken” to your selected option. 

Hit the “clear” button to change the status back to “not yet taken”. This is useful if you’ve accidentally pressed the wrong button or incorrectly marked attendance for any particular teacher. 

Viewing Attendance History 

So now that you’ve taken attendance, you can see the attendance summary per teacher for the active semester. This is a valuable snapshot for your school to identify teacher absenteeism for your active semester.

Your feedback is always valuable for us to serve you better. So do drop us a message to share your thoughts via the chat function or write to us at:! We hope this app comes in handy and look forward to hearing from you.

Attendance Snapshot App

Several schools that use the awesome QuickSchools Attendance module had requested an at-a-glance visual of attendance for all students. The app developers heard your ideas, and now we have a great app to show students attendance for each day. Let’s take a look at this awesome Attendance Snapshot app!

The app is available in the App Store “School Apps section”. Admins can configure who has access to the app, since it shows attendance data for all students in the school regardless of class or grade-level.

The Attendance Snapshot app is available in the App Store
The Attendance Snapshot app is available in the App Store

The app’s display is structured like a spreadsheet and supports up to 10 scheduled periods from daily, subject-based, period-based, and rotating attendance. Before the day starts, the attendance is blank…

Use the dynamic display to check if students' attendance has been submitted and what the records show
Use the dynamic display to check if students’ attendance has been submitted and what the records show

…but as the day continues, it fills up with the attendance information.Read More »