New Release – Nov 14, 2023

Our latest QuickSchools release contains primarily improvements to the Orchestra Master Scheduler, but also includes API improvements for Zapier and Engage, as well as general improvements to our Student Information System. 

Full list of improvements are below:

Master Scheduler

  • STEP 2: Freeze Number of Sections per Course
  • STEP 5: Scheduling Algorithm Option to Force Conflicts
  • STEP 5: Display Course Request Tags and Teacher Tags
  • STEP 5: Link to View Add/Drop History
  • STEP 5: Improve Tracking of Dropped / Unassigned Section Enrollments (with Drop Reasons)
  • STEP 6: Customize Add/Drop Notifications to Teachers
  • Link to View Add/Drop History from Course Requests tab on the Student record
  • Improve Email Customization for Teacher Schedule

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Export Support Reports to CSV (See below)
  • Student Portal and Parent Portal Home notifications on new grades from Standards-Based Gradebook (See above)
  • Improve Payment Plan module for Student Billing
  • Bug Fix Loading Section Attendance when moving between days
  • But Fix Section Attendance for Inactive Students

Beta Improvements

  • New Webhooks API Framework for Zapier
  • New SFTP Importer for Course-Teacher Configurations
  • Refactor District Settings, Enrollment Periods and CA-related Fields
  • API Improvements for Engage CRM
  • Account Restrictions based on GeoIP Location
  • General Improvements on Email Messaging

Export Summary Report to CSV

The option to export to “Excel” in the Summary Reports has been changed to a simple “Export” button:

Once you confirm the filters (if any), you can then chose to export to Excel of CSV:

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